Gloria Jeans Summer Drinks Launch {Pavilion} + 2 Cray Things


Happy Holidays everyone!

It is summer in South Africa and while we haven’t been having the best sunshine-filled week, you can still smell the sweet smell of vacation! I know that there are many people who are unable to take leave over this period and so it doesn’t really feel like a holiday – sorry loves! (I know how it feels ) but I know that as soon as you have some time off, you are going to be searching for the perfect place for a family outing.

Gloria Jeans have launched their summer drinks and when I received the invite, I knew that there was absolutely no way I was going to miss this! We were greeted at the GJC Pavilion store and it was all just shrouded in so much mystery with their entire counter blanketed BUT we could faintly make out silhouettes of cake stands and the like. We were eager to find out what was underneath.

There were many bloggers, media and photographers at the event , all waiting in anticipation of the big reveal. The suspense was real.


That’s the theme this year – melting marshmallows, crunchy biscuits, cute cupcakes, warm drinks followed by my favorite chillers and of course , a ROCKY ROAD CAKE! There was so much to eat and then, then my heart sank. It was marshmallow.

marshmallow = gelatine = halaal / haraam

We were so bummed but decided to have a chat to Sashena and the owner of GJC and were happy to see that the marshmallows are certified halaal! I was told that they would continue to buy their marshmallows from the same supplier and of the same brand, but that customers were free to ask to have a look at the packaging of the marshmallows they have used to ease their minds. So to all of my readers, you are absolutely welcome to enquire , do not feel embarrassed or afraid as they will be happy to answer your questions.

While the event was fabulous and amazing, my fave was definitely the rocky road chiller especially for this crazy Durban heat and humidity. For those really cold nights though , I would suggest the hot chocolate to warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth. It is like happiness in a cup, truly.

The two crazy things that have happened since then that I feel I must share:

Number 1

Ok, so the event finished quite late that evening and hubby and I had to drive back home in the pouring rain, the thunderstorm was intense and we are always cautious so he was driving really slow. We were almost home, chatting about the event , when a lady came barrelling through the traffic circle without yielding. She hit us on the passenger side of the vehicle and in the ridiculous weather , we flagged her down and stopped at a nearby petrol station. I was freezing my buttocks off lol, while getting all her details and taking out the photos , hubby gave me another jacket to use because my teeth were literally chattering. It was cray , only to find out that she didn’t have insurance on her vehicle and by then we were like what! . Luckily, no one was hurt and our car was still drivable and we got home safely. Our damage has since been repaired and we eventually made friends with the lady… I told you, Cray…

Number 2

If that was not enough.

A few weeks ago, my phone went insane. It refused to switch on and when it did – it would switch right back off again. It was terrifying. I say terrifying, because EVERY SINGLE GJC PHOTO WAS ON MY PHONE!!! I know I did not back any of them up and when this happened, I knew that they would be gone. 😦 I needed to upgrade my software and once I had , I lost all my pics.

It was so sad especially since I had cray number 1 happen to us and no pics of the event we attended.

Anyway – this is the reason I don’t have any pics of us at the event itself and it is going to take me some time to get over it but hopefully we get to do it all over again next year with GJC but just the drinks bit lol! Inshallah.

(I am now backing up everything , so hopefully this doesn’t happen again) Go check out their FB page though over here to check out some of their photos and use the hashtag on twitter and insta to see who joined us.

I am hoping I get to post again but if I don’t, you can contact me on FB, Twitter and Insta 🙂 It is just faster than email and have a wonderful break everyone!



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