Rain Africa’s Christmas Collection {Launch}


Rain Africa has always had a soft spot in my heart and when I am invited to any of their events, you can be sure that I will definitely be attending.

Whilst I don’t celebrate Christmas, I am always eager to see what new products brands will be launching around this time and Rain Africa has come at us with a beautiful new range that isn’t just cruelty-free, but also pretty to look at and smells heavenly. 

With Patchouli and Verbena being Rain’s choice of scents this year , you can expect to feel refreshed, reenergised and relaxed after using any of their fantastic products. The packaging has a natural look and feel, using neutral colours and adding in a bright pop of lime incorporating and encouraging the idea of nature in beauty and all it has to offer us.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life, with 31 new options from Rain,  I have no doubt that you will find something that they will absolutely adore.

Take a look at some of the pictures that I took at the event and keep scrolling for the full list of products on offer at Rain !

Here are some of your options – Good luck trying to choose just one gift :

1. Box of scented stones – Verbena or patchouli Myrrh (R199)

Aromatic gift set containing a bowl of presented stones and a refresher oil scented with the spicy smell of Verbena and Patchouli Myrrh.

2. Box of 4 candles – Patchouli Myrrh (R335)

Set of 4 candles in copper bowls with Patchouli Myrrh fragrance.

3. Votive Candle – Verbena (199)

Verbena scented votive candle made with all natural vegetable wax in a clear glass with copper dip-dyed base.

4. Copper candle bowl – Patchouli Myrrh – medium (R150)

8cm single wick candle in copper bowl.

5. Glass Bubble bauble – Box (R175)

Handblown glass bubble bauble containing a gift from nature. The first in Rain’s collectable range of Christmas Baubles.

6. Butter Blocks – Box (199)

Set of 3 luxurious butter blocks made with Shea butter and coconut butter and featuring elegant copper leaf.

7. Diffuser Perfume – Verbena or Patchouli Myrrh (R200)

Beautiful glass bottle with wooden lid and diffuser sticks with a verbena fragrance.

8. Toilet bag with Salts (R259)

Beautiful reversible drawstring toilet bag containing Verbena scented bath salt.

9. Toilet Bag – Two compartment (R239)

Multi-functional toilet bag with two compartments. Ideal to keep items separate.

10. Scented sachets – singles (R95)

Deck the halls with aromatic scented sachets in this years festive colours lime green or cream. Pre-scented with Verbena fragrance and Patchouli myrrh.

11. Scented sachets – Cluster of 3 (R115)

Aromatic , scented sachets in this years festive colours , lime green, green with white polka dots and green with white Christmas trees. Pre-scented with Verbena fragrance.

12. Hand Towel (R195)

100% cotton handwoven hand towel.

13. Cracker Soap – Verbena or Patchouli Myrrh (R99)

A fun, festive cracker to put under the tree or on the table. Contains a beautiful leaf shaped glycerine soap suitable for ladies or gents.

14. Bath Oil – Wild Gum (R199)

Beautifully bottled bath oil, fragranced with the citrus smell of Lemon and olive and containing leaves for effect.

15. Bath Oil – Wood Spice (R199)

Beautifully bottled bath oil, fragranced with the woody scent of black amber and containing pieces of bark for effect.

16. Bath Oil – Amber Tangerine (R199)

Beautifully bottled bath oil, fragranced with Saffron Tangerine and containing cinnamon sticks for effect.

17. Bath Oil – Amber Verbena (R199)

Beautifully bottled bath oil , fragranced with Verbena and containing dried aloe leaf for effect.

18. Bath Oil – Patchouli Myrrh with Lufa (R199)

Beautifully bottled bath oil, fragranced with Patchouli Myrrh and containing pieces of lufa for effect.

19. Bath Oil – Ginger and Orange (R199)

Beautifully bottled bath oil, fragranced with Ginger and Orange and containing  pieces of dried orange for effect.

20. Hand Lotion (R115)

Verbena fragranced hand lotion in a generous 100ml tube.

21. Copper Bag of Salts (R175)

Our signature bath salt in a generous copper bag.

22. Soap – Citrus and Ginger (R99)

Set of two glycerine soaps individually fragranced with Verbena and Patchouli Myrrh. Perfect add-on gift to the bag of salts.

23. Lotion and Wash Box (R425)

Beautiful gift set containing a liquid wash and lotion in copper dip-died bottles and verbena fragrance.

24. Burner and Oil Box (R299)

Patchouli or verbena fragranced burner oil and white burner gift set in handmade covered box

25. Verbena Body Butter Box (R199)

Luxurious Verbena fragranced body butter in a card carrybox nestled in woven tissue paper.

26. Bee Soap and Lip Balm – Box (R115)

Delightful card carrybox containing a hive-shaped olive oil soap and lip balm.

27. Travel Set – Shampoo and Conditioner (R99)

The perfect gift for someone on the go. A handy travel set containing Rain’s Biologie shampoo and conditioner in a see-through pouch.

28. Indulgence Box (R650)

The ultimate gift selection! Handcrafted textured box containing a scented sachet, candle, olive oil soap, body butter, body and linen dusting powder, 4 x scented fizz balls. Fragranced with Verbena.

29. Scented clay disk and refresher oil – Verbena or Patchouli Myrrh (R99)

Beautiful gift set containing a porous clay disk and refresher oil to fragrance your car, home or office.

30. Box of bath butter truffles (R285)

6 delectable butter balls in Verbena fragrance nestled in a beautiful handcrafted gift.

31. Soft Slippers – Polka Dots (R199)

Christmas must-have for your feet! Rain’s luxurious slippers in this years Christmas colours – green and white polka dots.

Rain has outdone themselves this year, creating unique beauty gifts that invoke a feeling of calmness , but also elegance and luxury with their presentation and packaging of each gift. The introduction of the glass baubles and the beautiful copper effect on some of the items are enough to have you running to the store to stock up before they are all sold out.

Happy shopping Everyone!



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