Rain Africa’s New Mother’s Day Range

Hello Lovelies,

Oh goodness, it seems like I have been away from this little home of mine for far too long! But I am back with this post just in time for Mother’s Day which is really just around the corner. If you have been wondering what to get your mum this year (because, really – she has you and you are the best gift ever), then keep on reading to hear about the lovely day spent with Rain Africa and the introduction of a beautiful new range that will be perfect for that lady in your life.

Rain Africa takes us to breathtaking locations with picture-perfect scenery and this year was no different when we drove past rolling hills and lush greenery on our way to Rain Game Farm and Lodge south of Durban. I was excited to see what was in store for us and those expectations were more than met when I arrived and there was a safari vehicle waiting for us to climb on.

You don’t need to ask me twice! Off we went , crossing rivers (ok , one river…) and navigating our way over rocky terrain to view majestic animals in their natural habitat. I have been on a game drive before but when you’re out there in soothing silence, with nothing but nature around you , it is as if time has stood still and graciously given you the opportunity to appreciate it all – one time is definitely not enough. If you haven’t been, I would strongly recommend you do and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

The venue was picturesque and seemed so far removed from the bustling city life, when, in reality – the newest Rain Africa store at Ballito Junction Mall was not too far away (score!). It was such a serene and tranquil location, perfect for an event like this and I could not be happier that I was able to attend.

 Okay, on to my favourite part of it all, which was the introduction of the new Rain Africa Waterlily range which has a minimalistic aesthetic incorporating earthy tones and a scent that transports you to fragrance heaven. This Mother’s  Day range offers a whole host of options from Waterlily fragrance and rose petals butterballs to handmade leaf-patterned slippers and even a pretty vanity box with salts. There are products for every type – from the mum who likes a special type of candle to help her relax to the mum who has a whole body care routine (sometimes, that is the same mum 🙂 )

See all the pretty things below and I dare you to find an item you don’t like:

Rain Africa was sweet enough to send us all home with a bag of goodies to try out – if you were watching my insta stories, you would have noticed that they were featured recently but a blog post about that coming soon.

Here’s hoping that you had an awesome day off today!



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