Benefit Brows {Review}

I think I have turned. I have turned into a makeup junkie. I never was one but I am sure it has happened.

There is no looking back.


Hello Ladies!

I love doing beauty reviews, mainly because up until I turned 21 the only make up I really owned was a cream eyeshadow palette that I was given as an Eid gift , a black kohl pencil (a staple for any Indian girl) and a few cheapie lip glosses. Other than that – I didn’t know much about other aspects of makeup. It was all too overwhelming and well, expensive too. I am by no means a pro, but I am becoming more adventurous with the type of makeup I try and I am doing my best to learn new techniques and tricks. I really wish I had more time to watch youtube videos to help me along but sadly, between my full time job and a host of other things – it isn’t always possible.

Anyway, I am here to talk about something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. (no, just kidding – Lol) OK. Seriously now.

So recently , Benefit launched a whole new brow collection containing so many brow products with most of them coming in 6 shades, ranging from light to deep to cater for their diverse customer base. To be honest, I never really thought I needed to fill in/shape/ contour my brows. But after seeing everyone’s ‘eyebrows on fleek‘ – I was like what the hell, let’s try this on and see what happens.

I popped on over to RedSquare’s website and instead of buying the products individually, was lucky enough to see that they already had a set picked out for me. Awww! Well, not specifically for me – but , you get the picture.

ssshhh.. actually the picture is down below 🙂


I got the Bold & BROWtiful box for just R475 which came with the Ka-BROW! , ready, set, BROW! and the High Brow pencil. It also came with two stencils – one for curved brows and the other for straight brows although I didn’t use them. I just winged it and I do prefer doing it free hand – the stencils, I would think, are for the beginners who are a bit wary about trying to create the shape themselves and need some help. Yes, I am a beginner (of course) but I  much rather liked the freedom of doing it without the stencil so it really is up to you and what makes you feel comfortable.

Ka-BROW! (shade 5)

Initially I had thought that the shade here would be ebony (shade 6) but when it arrived, it was actually a really dark brown (shade 5). I had some reservations in that it may have been too light for me but it actually worked out pretty well. The colour blended in nicely. There is a nifty angled brush hiding in the cap of the Ka-BROW! so you can get a precise curve.

Of course , this is going to dry with time so if you can, use some facial oil to revive it and you’re good as new.

** if you buy these individually then you can certainly choose shade 6. I guess , with the boxes , it only goes until shade 5.



I think the HighBrow could very well be my favourite product from this new collection. I don’t use a concealer under my brows once I have finished shaping them – all I do is outline the curve all the way with the HighBrow pencil and then blend this in. I usually use another angled brush to blend and shape as I go. At first it glides on as a light pink hue, but as you keep blending this, it looks more like a highlighter than anything else. It also gives your brows a clean finish and enhances its look altogether.


Ready, set, BROW!

Once you are done and have perfectly shaped brows, it’s time to make sure they are kept in check the whole day through. Ready,set, BROW! has a dual-sided brush that tames your brow hairs and keeps them in place. Once dry, you will feel that your brows are a little hard, sorta like when you apply hairspray to your hair – but hey, this gel works so do not skimp ladies! Make sure you get this product to apply as the finishing touch to your now ‘fleeky eyebrows’.

Some ‘pre-shaping’ tips

Pluck any stray hairs from under your brows

Get them threaded if possible , as this gives the best look (in my opinion)

Get a spiral brush so you can brush ’em unruly brows before you begin

There are many other products in this new collection to help you achieve the right look you’re going for so you really are spoilt for choice.

Head on over to RedSquare and selected Edgars Stores to have a peek at this fab range that you are going to love!



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