3INA Launch {Eyeshadow Review}

  • A bold, brave new approach to beauty.


3INA (pronounced Mee-naH) is a new make-up brand that has been taking the world by storm in just a few months since it’s first store launch in London earlier this year. It is a bold, new approach to beauty created by a dream duo – Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve and is fast developing a cult following.

I am ecstatic that these large brands that would almost exclusively only be available overseas, is now becoming easier to get our hands on here. 3INA is one of them and with it’s innovativeness, it is what is being called a ‘mastige‘ brand (a blend between prestige and mass market) so it really does appeal to everyone. With some big names attached to this brand in terms of its marketing and development,it is almost a surefire way to become one of the great names in makeup soon.

Their business model will allow them to get a new line of products from conception to the shelf in a matter of just 4 months when larger makeup brands can take up to 3 years to do the same thing. This, of course means that new trends in makeup can be at your fingertips sooner than you might think.

3INA wants their customers to be able to access European products at prices that they can afford, and while you can expect their products to be well-priced , they do not skimp on quality. They have a crazy 450 products available across 6 categories:







I love that this brand encourages women to express their individuality , to be bold with their makeup and not be afraid to be unique.

I was sent one of their cream eyeshadows in the shade 303 which is a lovely turquoise shade with a metallic-y effect.

A long lasting eyeshadow for intense,magnetic colour for all day wear.

I love that the packaging the eyeshadow came in had the same colour of the actual product on it! The texture is more of a wet, whipped formula which is highly pigmented, paraben-free and looks amazing. At first, I was a bit doubtful that I would be able to pull off this colour – but I decided to be bold and give it a chance and well, it paid off. I loved it.



The shadow is very different than the others I have tried , just because of its texture. You do need to be careful when applying it as it dries very quickly into a matte finish, and while this is definitely a pro – you do need to be quick when you are applying. It stays put the entire day and doesn’t lose its vivid and bright hue which is perfect – I mean who wants to be reapplying your shadow while you’re out. No one, that’s who.

It is also waterproof and I found that out when I thought some water would be enough to remove this (like many eyeshadows) but nope, it didn’t budge. Not a bit.

Its claim to be waterproof is absolutely true.


I am happy that this fabulous brand is creating a reputation for itself in the cosmetics industry as one to look out for. From the rave reviews , insta hashtags and the sheer number of people clamouring to get their hands on their products – I have no doubt that I will be keeping a keen eye on what 3INA has in store for us.

The future of makeup is here people. It’s 3INA.

You can visit them at their South African store in Eastgate shopping centre in JHB soon. They are officially launching on the 11th Aug 2016. There isn’t a store yet in Durban but with the global takeover 3INA has embarked on, I don’t think it will be too long before we get one.

oh and ps. if you’re wondering , yes, there is a lookpost I did using this eyeshadow and that is coming to the blog soon soon! Look out for it…



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