Hey Gorgeous Goji Berry Mask


Hello everyone and welcome to a beauty post. Yes, I know I haven’t done one in a while – my life’s been so busy but this is one of my first reviews on a product from this brand and I am kinda excited about it.

I have always loved browsing the Hey Gorgeous website because everything looks so pretty  and that absolutely doesn’t take away from what makes it even better. All their products are 100% pure, natural and chemical free which probably explains why it smells good enough to eat.

Goji berries have been dubbed a ‘superfood’ and if you google search it, will come up with many celebrities that use it as part of their diets. This little berry has been used for years in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural remedy for many ailments and for a long time I consumed them too.

This tub of goodness called the Goji Berry Face Mask is exactly that. Once you open it, you will see these red berries in the mask mix and I am quite happy about that. Keeping them in a partial form instead of grounding it to a powder completely will usually assist in retaining the nutrients.The consistency is different compared to the masks that I use in that it looks very much like a body lotion and feels like it too. The smell is amazing , the scent of the different oils and the shea butter combined with the mango butter , goji berries, honey and evening primrose is enough to leave you smelling this for hours!

Since the texture is fluid, it goes on to your face in the same way and does not dry out like the ones I have previously used. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, just because my skin is super oily and I do usually prefer something that will assist in providing a mattifying effect and to help eliminate blackheads. On the other hand though, this product kept my skin very moisturised when I removed it and it was left feeling silky smooth.

My face can be very sensitive and with my acne history , I’m very careful about what I use. This worked well and I had no breakouts at all. 

I quite like this product but still a bit on the fence if it’s best to use it on oily skin. 

Hey Gorgeous has some wonderful products and if you are keen on going for more natural products , then there isn’t a better place to start. 



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