Dove Nutritive Solutions Range {Review}


If you really think about it , our hair goes through quite a bit on a day-to-basis. It experiences all kinds of damage that can be caused from curling, flat-ironing, colouring, styling – especially those bad days when we literally just throw it into a messy bun and leave it to fend for itself.

You know what I am talking about. Right?

Many times we don’t really think of our hair like we do our skin. We have an entire skincare range to cater for the needs of our face but usually just use a regular shampoo and conditioner for our hair. Whether you wear your hair down or in your hijab, it is imperative that we create a good relationship between our tresses and ourselves. As we get older, we run the risk of experiencing more hair fall and that volume we may have took for granted when we were younger will no longer be there.

Dove wants us to have a rewarding relationship with our hair which will be a source of happiness every day. This is why they have created the new Dove Nutritive Solutions Range and I was a lucky enough to get sent the range to test.

According to a recent survey * 80% of women feel that their hair affects their day to day mood. { *Dove Hair South Africa survey on Women24 (2016) } I absolutely believe that , because I am definitely part of that percentile. I remember years ago , I was attending a wedding and the stylist did a terrible job of my hair. Oh gosh! Was I in a bad mood , I almost stayed at home to cry over it , but I didn’t… thank goodness!


Keratin is the essential component of hair and I was really happy to see that this range from Dove is enriched with Nutri-Keratin Actives to help keep hair strong and healthy.

I have been trying this range for a bit and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the results. There is no denying that I have always been a fan of Dove ever since I was in high school because it was the only soap gentle enough to be used on my skin. When I was sent this package to try , I was keen to see the results.

I was quite pleased with both the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner from the first use. After using it , I could feel the difference as soon as I washed it off. It lathers up nicely and once it has been rinsed off , you can feel the change in the texture of your hair – it isn’t greasy but very silky. For someone (yes, me ) who suffers from oily scalp and dry roots – I would really prefer something that deals with both those issues.


The Daily Treatment conditioner is also in this range and is an excellent product that acts as a treatment but at the speed of your regular conditioner. Now , if that doesn’t get your attention – girl bosses, busy mums, multitasking wives and well, everyone reading this then I don’t know what will. The result is smoother, silkier hair that smells heavenly and with half the effort.

Finally, the Intensive Repair Treatment Mask.

As I mentioned before, we should be taking care of our hair as we do our skin. Using a mask for your hair is just as important as applying a face mask to remove impurities. This one claims to instantly repair dry and damaged hair, while progressively nourishing from within. Unlike the two conditioners mentioned, you would use this just once a week on your dry, damaged hair to see results.

It envelopes your hair in this luxurious , velvety cream that restores it to a healthy and happy state after consistent use. Think about the damage that is caused to your hair every time you colour or style it and you will run out and get a tub of this mask.


After using this fabulous range from Dove, I am definitely impressed with this unique formulation that keeps hair soft, silky, healthy and more manageable at a really reasonable price point. I love the refreshing scent of the entire range and repairing my damaged hair while still keeping it looking nourished is exactly what I need. I am definitely committed to having a positive relationship with my hair 🙂

If you have tried this range or intend to, please comment below and let me know.



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