L’amour De Mavie {OOTD}


Today is the last day of the working year for me and while I already have an agenda for 2016 (my calendar has already been filling up), I am really looking forward to enjoying the upcoming break. This year has not been short of challenges and some trying times but it has also brought with it newfound hope and so much love and I make lots of Dua (prayer) that the new year will be filled with immense happiness and even  more love. You can never have enough of that!

There are times when I felt like this year sped past me and I hardly had time to catch my breath but then there are moments when I’m in awe at how slow it has seemed to have went. I guess the trick is to focus on all the positive and special events that have had a hand in bringing you to this moment.

The ocean is all sorts of beautiful and I just knew that I would want this look photographed here. When I saw this asymmetrical top on the rack, I was really doubtful on whether to purchase it or not. It was different and I wasn’t sure on how I felt about going out of my comfort zone , especially since we (okay, I) have this habit of imagining how something ‘should‘ be worn. As you can see, I did buy it and I lurvv this top, really I do… The fabric is amazing and just fits perfectly!

My summer go -to is going to be these comfy espadrilles that I had my eye on for a while and when they went on sale, I snapped them up… quickly! They are so comfortable and perfect for the days when its too hot for pumps but you don’t feel like exposing your toes by wearing sandals haha.

I haven’t always been a fan of gold accessories, I think there was even a time that I absolutely hated them. I was like, Gold? – Ugh 😐 But I actually have started liking them again and think they definitely have a place in my wardrobe. They just add a special touch to outfits that silver just can’t so they are back on my ‘gotta have’ list.

IMG_1341 IMG_1318 IMG_1375 IMG_1377 IMG_1358 IMG_1386 IMG_1363

Top:River Island

Jeans: Edgars

Necklace: Superbalist

Espadrilles: Zoom

Cuff and Ring: Aldo

Glasses: Funky Fish

How has your year been and are you looking forward to 2016?



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