Lindt Boutique Opening – Gateway



My two favourite words πŸ™‚

So you can imagine that when I received my invite to the opening of the Lindt Chocolate Boutique last week, I immediately RSVP’d – Could anyone really decline ? Why would you even. 

The Lindt story dates all the way back to 1845 and even though there were hard times like global protectionism, the Depression and the Second World War, consumers still wanted the best quality chocolates and yes, they were prepared to pay for it. The background to this delicious brand is quite interesting and if you have some time, you can check it out on their website here but hey, I now why you are really here so let’s get to it!

Ever since I discovered Lindt chocolate ,it has been impossible for me to find anything else that comes close to the taste and ‘melt in the mouth’ experience that only this brand delivers. The products are innovative, the tastes are varied, the packaging is luxurious and the quality both consistent and top-notch which explains why they are the market leaders in premium chocolates. 

We were welcomed by Nicholas Turner of Lindt Management who chatted to us about the wonderful 100 jobs Lindt has created in SA and how proud they are of this store. I was surprised to learn that this boutique had only started being discussed in August so it was opened in record time! – Lucky us πŸ™‚ This is the second boutique after the one in Sandton City and the consumers in SA have been contributing to Lindt’s 12% year on year on growth (I think I might be the biggest contributor hahahahha) 

This store is epic, it’s huge and the different colors, wide array of Lindor, big smiles and the general setup almost transports you to another world – think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have watched that movie so many times and always imagined what it would be like to experience it, this came really close…

There are some beautiful gift sets available and even miniature chocolates(that little bear though) so you will find one that takes your fancy. The pick ‘n mix allows you to pick different Lindor from those high truffle mountains , pop them in your bag and weigh them – R39.99 per 100g. Maaahn, there are so many different types, from the classic milk to cappuccino and even strawberries and cream! We have been promised that as more and more new innovative ones are released internationally , even we in little SA will become privy to them and have them stocked in our exclusive Lindt boutique. 

They are situated in Gateway , Shop F160 – just past Chateux Gateux and Call It Spring, and (for the techies) it is opposite the istore , so make sure you check em out – you won’t be disappointed. 

There are some cool opening specials and even the chance to win a trip for two to the home of Lindt – SWITZERLAND! 

We left with a full bag of Lindor and a tummy full as well , thank you ladies for ensuring we always had a Lindor in hand during the event and thank you to the PR company who was super organized and invited me along. And a big ups to our resident chocolatier creating all kinds of delicate truffles for us to indulge in. I think you were everyone’s favorite person of the night… 

Believe me when I say, there was a line that snaked all the way down of eager fans awaiting the opening of the doors to the public! 

Happy tasting Lindt fans and tweet me or comment below to let me know if you’ve been and what you bought πŸ™‚ 



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