Benefit – They’re Real! Mascara



I am so happy that Benefit cosmetics is now in South Africa and we have the opportunity to try out their products. I adore their packaging and design, the use of pink and their lettering style gets me every time!

I was curious to try out the they’re Real! mascara and after reading the reviews online before purchasing, I can safely say that I wasn’t disappointed with the result. Although it is little and may not look that convincing , you could say that this beauty really packs a punch.

I have been using this one regularly and like that with the size it easily fits into my bag or clutch and is also perfect for travel. I recently started using falsies when going out (ok, when I had enough time for multiple attempts – I am really bad at it) and wanted to feel super fancy but I think that with this mascara , you could almost get away with people thinking you were wearing false lashes.

I usually curl my lashes first (as should you) to ensure that you have the correct base or you might end up with straight lashes if yours aren’t very long. This helps create that wide-eyed look as the brush coats and separates them giving you increased volume and length. It doesn’t clump or end up becoming dry and flakey by the end of the night which I absolutely love. I did find that on first application it can smear a bit , so just be aware of the amount of product that you have on the brush before using.

My other concern is that the formula is long-lasting so when you need to remove your make – up, you will find that this mascara will be quite stubborn to get off. I usually use wipes together with an eye-make up removing lotion and my regular facial cleanser in order to remove it. I do see that there is a special product designed for use on the they’re Real! products (I haven’t tried it yet) so maybe that will be more effective and faster than my current method…

Overall I think this mascara is definitely worth the price point, it does what it should and looks cute doing it too πŸ™‚


Sometimes, on an off day (when you don’t have the energy to put your face on…) you just need a couple o’ coats of mascara , a swipe of bold lipstick and you are ready to go. Be sure to pop this one in your bag and have it there when you need it !

Have you tried any of the Benefit products and which one is your fave?



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