Joseph Ribkoff Launch – Gateway

No one knows me like Joseph Ribkoff


2015 marks an incredible 58 years of fashion by Joseph Ribkoff, a women’s clothing line that is designed, sewn and produced in Canada and I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch last Friday. After opening their doors at Stuttafords in Sandton City and being the official sponsor of the Mrs South Africa pageant, they arrived at Gateway just in time for the festive season.

Reading about this designer’s history and humble beginnings, I love that his story resonates with me and will possibly strike a chord with many who are determined to achieve their dreams but encounter obstacles in their way and feel despondent. Joseph Ribkoff didnt come from an affluent family with connections to the fashion industry that would help him achieve his goals. He was a cutter, a sweeper and a message boy but never saw these jobs as a hindrance to his dreams, he took great risks and went into business at a very young age in the hopes of making it a success.

Joseph Ribkoff worked through the amazing 60’s and 70’s era which brought with it fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and Jane Birkin amongst others which means that after almost 6 decades in this business,  he has a wealth of experience that contribute to his great designs.

Ribkoff offers designer wear for the older woman who still feels young therefore he designs for the state of mind over anything else. The fact that his clothing is available from size 6 to size 22 says a lot about his brand in that women of every shape and size can shop freely from his collections without feeling excluded.

Although not specifically in the age group that his clothing should appeal to, I was still drawn to a few select pieces that caught my eye and I really liked. The aesthetic of his collections are a myriad of designs each encompassing something different allowing it to be appropriate to the event you are attending. Clean lines, monochromatic colours, floral prints and an understated elegance are all elements that make the designs attractive. I also love the fact that with just a few pieces of each design available in SA, you know that whatever you choose to buy will almost guarantee exclusivity.



We were treated to an event that gave us a little more background about the brand, whereafter we were able to browse around and take a look at the clothing , all while winners were chosen for a beautiful JR colour blocked clutch – absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t get one 😦 but congrats to the lovely ladies who were able to take them home – Sooo jealous !

There are items in store now which are from the new Spring 2016 collection so that was great to see, as well as jackets and pants that were reversible! Now that really brings new meaning to ‘two items for the price of 1.’

The price points are in the higher range (but as Stuttafords plays in these markets, they were expected) so definitely will not appeal to those on a shoestring budget, for e.g. one jacket will cost you R3499, a pair of trousers R2399 and a dress R3699.

It is wonderful to see designers and international brands looking at South Africa as a viable country to stock their products and I look forward to more events like this.

IMG_1910 IMG_1915 IMG_1899 IMG_1906 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1924 IMG_1930 IMG_1923 IMG_1938 IMG_1954 IMG_1935



*First three photos from Joseph Ribkoff site

** All other photos taken by me / husband

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