Shower Gel Trio – The Body Shop


First of all, I absolutely love TBS body products for a number of reasons but one of them is that their colours are just so vibrant. Imagine this trio sitting on your bathroom shelf looking all kinds of pretty – that would be the perfect start to your morning.

With the beginnings of summer on our doorstep and the insane humidity that comes along with it (especially in Durban) , we are inclined to be a little more selective when it comes to purchasing body products. Those winter products are not going to do it for you this season, you definitely want something that will be light on the skin and if it smells refreshing too then why not?

This is a quick review of these three body shower gels that I have been using recently from TBS that I hope will give you a little more direction when you are out and about in the mall.

Sweet Lemon

I was a little sceptical before buying this one but I bought it anyway – I think the bright yellow hue did it for me and I was too far gone. But to be honest, my gut instinct was definitely onto something because after using it I don’t think it is for me. I am not a fan of lemons in general and although this one says sweet lemon it is still too overpowering for me so unless I have a random liking for the smell of lemons one day, I won’t be repurchasing, sorry TBS!

Passion Fruit


This smells just like passion fruit harhar – who would have guessed and whilst I have never eaten it , I have smelled it though (I am weird like that ) so I know that this shower gel is like the real thing. I do like the smell but in my opinion, it is a bit too fruity for me. I guess it depends on your preference, which is the reason why I like flipping the top open in store and getting a whiff before I buy.


Erm, ok another one that I don’t eat IRL (Like , what do I eat even?) but it does smell like Papaya. I love the very zesty and citrus scent that this shower gel has and while I have my faves, I think you could definitely put this as one that I would repurchase.

It wakes me up in the morning and while , unfortunately, the scent doesn’t last, it does nourish my skin and gives me a bit of a boost.

Ultimately, it does depend on your preference in terms of what types of scents you are attracted to and whilst some may not be for me , hey, it might be what you like. I am a fan of very floral gels like the Moringa and the sweeter smells like Strawberry but I do enjoy trying other ones on occasion in order to find out what else I may like.

TBS is having a 3 for 2 sale at the moment so it’s an awesome time to check them out and buy a few items for the summer.

Thanks for dropping by today and please leave a comment letting me know what your favourite shower gels are for the summer!



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