Rain Africa and C.R.O.W {Launch}


I remember attending Rain Africa’s blogger event last year like it was yesterday and when I received this invite , I could hardly contain my excitement! I love the work Rain Africa do and the ethos that they embody is something that I truly admire. So it was no surprise that the location for this event was a place that is committed to making the world a better place.

OK, but before that , can we just all agree that these welcome drinks are soooo cute?


CROW (Centre for Rehabilitation and Wildlife) in Yellowwood Park was where we all arrived on this cold and wet day in Durbs but nothing could dampen our spirits as we made our way to the Education centre. This centre is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of all indigenous wildlife in KZN.

The best cage is an empty cage

Claire over at CROW was kind enough to take us on a tour and show us all the animals that would soon be released into the wild and gave us some info about the history of this phenomenal place. We were told of the great reliance that CROW has on the public and other organisations to be able to remain in existence and to keep helping these needy animals. I would highly recommend that you see the great work they are doing and to support them if you can.



IMG_1041 IMG_1043

Check their Facebook page here and Twitter page here to see some pics of the animals they have helped. Please note that the public are not allowed to visit the centre simply because the animals have limited human interaction so they can be reintegrated into the wild successfully.

Rain had a unique experience awaiting us as their aim was to have us use all our senses at this event. We were required to make our own exfoliating scrubs at the event and with no step-by-step recipie eek! we got stuck into it, this came with a lot of crazy laughter and a moment when I thought I might have dropped a bit of the oil into a pitcher of flavoured water… But I didn’t. I think.

IMG_1055 IMG_1058

I chose the lighter texture scrub rather than the coarse scrub, just because I have a few different ones at home but none that are a bit softer on my skin. We were required to add in an oil, an essential oil and then the active ingredient. I chose the organic Rosehip oil that has anti-ageing and tissue regenerating properties, some vanilla and jasmine essential oils went in together with the rooibos and walnut scrub active. And then I mixed, mixed, mixed it aaaallll up.


While I did add a dash of a few of the other oils and actives on the table , I think mine came out alright for my first time. harhar!

IMG_1075 IMG_1065

Does it really look like Soji? lol


We were in for a real treat when lunch rolled around and I was able to enjoy a delicious wrap with hummus and roasted veg (which was from an all veg. place) I think this was really my first time eating at an event so props to the team who made sure we were catered for. Yusuf didn’t leave dessert out and it was a delectable brownie chocolate mousse in a miniature watering can that complemented the garden theme.

IMG_1111 IMG_1101 IMG_1115 IMG_1113 IMG_1117 IMG_1131

I was soon engrossed in the videos presented to us which took us on a journey into the different places and methods used by Rain Africa to source the organic ingredients that they use in their products. We are not accustomed to taken behind the scenes but this time , we were able to learn so much more about the products we use on our body.

And then….

We were introduced to the new range of Rain Natural Artisanal Perfumes that were launched in such a captivating way that I was definitely in awe. Big props to the ladies who braved the cold on the day to ensure that we were able to feel that unique African vibe.


The three types of perfumes are:


Twig opens with the hint of a cool breeze from a fynbos mountain fringed with citrus orchards and fields of lavender.



This fragrance is sweetened with intense florals underpinned by a sensual musk, sandalwood and kapok bush – a white flowering indigenous plant long prized by local Nama and the Khoi people.



Delicate florals introduce a fragrance which grows in complexity as sensuous jasmine, rose and lily assert their sweetness. Underpinning this is the spicy warmth of resinous cedar, resident of the spectacular Cederberg mountains.


Juani from Rain was there to give us more info on these perfumes and I simply loved what they have created here. The fragrances are unique and has a journey that will mean something to you – they haven’t been mass produced with no regard for the environment. The ingredients are chosen carefully and they are harvested in a way that is kind to the people and its surroundings.

The packaging is simple but elegant and classic, following the natural theme that flows through all their ranges.

I loved the smells of the fragrances each evoking a different type of feeling but my fave by far was probably Leaf. The musk and sandalwood really did do it for me 🙂

Rain then announced that they would be launching their Christmas Collection this year! There are so many amazing products you can look forward to , even a really, super uber special cracker for your guests…


Some of my favourites include the handmade quilted silver slippers ; the lace box with six silver cup candles in Spicy Plum, Warm Ginger and Peppered Pomegranate; the jar of fizz which contains seven tennis fizz balls and five golf fizz balls; the box of bubble baubles which contains 4 round bottles of bubble bath and my ultimate gift set from Rain Africa has got to be the Giant Wild Cotton Box which contains a variety of scented lotions and soaps together with a burner oil and an oil burner all prettily packaged in a giant box with hand knitted silver netting on the lid. I am absolutely loving this range and cannot wait to see them in stores.

IMG_1159 IMG_1157 IMG_1165 IMG_1171 IMG_1173 IMG_1169 IMG_1175

I got to take home a lovely Rain Africa goodie bag and will be reviewing what I received soon soon!


Thank you very much to Juani, Ryan and Yusuf (our Rain Africa team) for being such gracious hosts and for planning such a perfect day for us bloggers. We ate, we learned, we laughed and have a newfound appreciation for the world we live in and what it has to offer. Thank you Rain Africa for this – it is something that can never be bought but only felt and you can pat yourself on the back for knowing that YOU did that.





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