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While I haven’t posted about restaurants I have been to , I think it is definitely about time that I do! I am in love with food, obsessed even and while I am now , more than ever, aware that my diet needs an overhaul – I will definitely not be opposed to the occasional indulgence.

If you have been a fan of 2GO for a number of years, you will know that they used to be situated right next door to Musgrave Centre in Durban and was a great family eatery with some delicious meals. When they closed their doors – I was afraid that they were gone forever until I heard that they had reopened in a new location not too far away. I have some fond memories of the place so you can imagine how excited I was to know they were still around.

We took a trip there recently and was pleasantly surprised when we noticed that the menu still had our favourites on it (*They are strictly halaal and have purdah facilities). Check out what I thought below:

Spicy Hot Chicken Pasta

This is our FAAAAAAVE by a mile! I love me some carbs and spice so the amalgamation of the two in this tasty dish was made for me. Tender pieces of chicken are drenched in a curried tomato and cream sauce which dances on your tastebuds and gives you that chilli kick. My mouth is watering right now!

IMG_0781 IMG_0782

Prawn Pasta

So ordering a prawn pasta was new to me… Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love prawns but I have never had the urge to order them in pasta. We were feeling a bit adventurous and since we know the quality of the 2GO food served , we didn’t hesitate in ordering this.


I can tell you that I was very impressed with the taste. The prawns are deshelled (yay!!) and prepared in a peri-peri sauce with either fettuccine or penne. Although the description does indicate that the sauce is peri-peri , I didn’t find this spicy –  there was an abundance of cream in this dish (not that I’m complaining) so I think that it might have reduced the chilli taste in it.

This was very delicious and with the amount of prawns in this dish, I would say it is definitely worth the price. I would order this again , for sure.


Spanish Style Chicken Pizza

OK, So the second time around, the Prawn pasta was on our order but so was the Spanish Style Chicken Pizza.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of it but it was really tasty! It is chicken strips , mushrooms, mozzarella cheese topped with brinjals served on a perfect base. Be prepared for an overload of melted, stringy , cheesy goodness to greet you when this comes to your table. You will not be disappointed! The ingredients are top notch and there aint no empty spaces on your pizza – it is filled with deliciousness. You might find the mention of brinjals unappealing but there are only a few in the middle and they are toasted just right , that even I enjoyed it!

Passion Fruit and Lemonade Mocktail

Up until a few years ago, I would never have  considered ordering anything but a soda at a restaurant but that has changed.

I tried the Passion Fruit and Lemonade Mocktail and it was superb. While the weather starts changing and we go into the warmer summer months, believe me – you’ll want to taste this one!


When it arrives at your table, make sure that you stir it around a bit so everything is mixed properly or you might find that it is overly sweet or too concentrated. I love my drinks ICE cold and I just found that there wasn’t enough ice in this drink for me to give me that refreshing feeling. Try it out and if you need more ice, request the waitron to get you some.

My Verdict

I love this restaurant and will definitely keep going back although I might try a take away next time. The seating area is much smaller than it used to be back when they were situated in Musgrave and getting into the parking area can be tricky as the area is very busy.

The windows are really large and with some of the tables right next to it, you can find yourself sitting in direct sunlight which can be uncomfortable. The view leaves a lot to be desired because what you do see when you look out is a primary school and mostly, loads of traffic.

Unfortunately,we did have a problem the first time when they got the order wrong and there was quite a bit of a lag between the first and second main but I am happy to report we didn’t have the same problem the second time around.

With all that being said, if you are willing to overlook these minor things – you will find a restaurant that uses the best ingredients, has great portion sizes, good prices and above all else a satisfying, delicious meal.

2GO Worldwide Food can be found at 102 Hill St, Overport, Durban, 4001, South Africa (above Spar). Check their website here for their menu.

Do you have any fond memories of a restaurant you’ve been to? have you been to 2GO? Let me know in the comments below.




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