Durban Fashion Fair 2015

IMG_0961The Durban Fashion Fair is the biggest fashion event in Durban and I was lucky enough to be invited by MAC Cosmetics SA to attend all the shows. Unfortunately , due to work , I was only able to attend the show last Saturday which showcased designs from Zah Designs, Clemas and House of Alfalfa but I thoroughly enjoyed it! There was a definite buzz around the event with loads of people attending dressed in a way which expressed their view on fashion and varying styles. It was fabulous to see DFF bringing their A-game this year and I was proud to say that I was a part of it. Designers like Jamal Taslaq, Thula Sindi and Andre Martin were amongst the fabulous minds behind some beautiful designs.

My favourite designer collection was definitely Clemas! I think there is nothing better than a great tailored suit which is not only classic but also has its own character which sets it apart from  your retail-store trouser and jacket ensemble. I was left speechless when the models strutted down the runway and gave us something different to see. The coloured waistcoats complemented the jackets and the impeccable fit made it just perfect! There was also a great African theme to some of his other outfits and I was happy to see that it made it onto this stage as well.

(Image credits from Durban Fashion Fair (Facebook page) )


I also enjoyed Zah Designs and the use of the bright green that brought that much needed ‘pop of colour’ to what was essentially an all-black, very structured women’s collection. It was apt seeing as we have now entered one of the favourite seasons of the year – Spring.

(Pictures are my own)



House of Alfalfa was also a women’s collection but it was very different in comparison to Zah Designs which also tended to have a masculine feel to it.

Alfalfa brought with it a very feminine, regal, and dreamy feel about it that was definitely communicated to the audience. There was loads of shine , shimmer, ruffles and sparkle in these designs and the the crowd was enthralled.

(Pictures are my own)

IMG_1005 IMG_1016

I really enjoyed my first DFF experience and it’s all to thanks to MAC Cosmetics SA for making this  possible!

Keep an eye out for my next post where I will give you quick look on what I wore to DFF 2015.



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