Eid Look Inspo – 1436/2015


Salaam/Hi Beauties

Ramadaan is flying by so fast and I feel like there is so much more to do but not enough time. I guess that is one thing we will just never have enough of.

Eid is a day of celebration and also of wearing your best clothes so you smell and look good on this auspicious day celebrating the end of our fasting month.

A looooong time ago , I would wear Eastern outfits for Eid but now I just feel that they are not worthwhile. While they look really pretty with all the embellishments and so fancy shmancy, I never use them again and they hang in my cupboard until a year or two later when I whip it out for a wedding. Then, might I add – I realise it smells terrible and needs a dry-clean ( I handwash it though , I admit :|) I cannot be bothered to take it to the dry cleaners. Sue me. :/ bwahahah

I already have my outfit sorted for Eid even before Ramadaan – for once , I have worked in advance rather than rushing out to the malls the weekend before Eid, finding the malls absolutely packed to capacity with Muslim girls scouring the stores for something to wear. The first stop is always YDE, and you just know that you have little chance of finding something in your size because in all probability it has been snapped up. I don’t know about you but I can no longer take spending time in a mall when I am fasting and really, there are better things to do than that , right?

Well, in order to make things a bietjie easier for you , I compiled 3 look guides that I hope will help. Since so many stores (online too) are having their end of season sale (blegh, we are still in Winter- hellloooo) , you will need to act fast if you see something you like.

There is also an event happening this weekend, 4/5 July in Clare Estate in Durban hosted by Black Vogue Abaya. There will be pop up stores and who knows? you might just find exactly what you are looking for to wear on Eid! Check them out on Instagram: blackvogue_abaya for contact details. No entrance fee! FotorCreated



Ma’a Salama






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