Eid Gift Guide – 2015

Salaam and Hello Beauties!

Do you remember when you would fast the entire month, anxiously awaiting the day of Eid where you and your cousins would excitedly tally your takings for the day and be like ‘I got more than you’ 😛 (this , my friends is the concept of Eidie). Hahaha , well not really. I do believe that when kids are younger it does encourage them to fast until they are old enough to understand the reason for it, why it is compulsory, the benefits of it and how auspicious the month of Ramadan is.
As we are older, married, or working (that’s what the old people tell us LOL),  we are not receiving Eidie the same way we used to – those R5 coins which we thought were worth so much (well, it kinda was back then – it meant a coke and a packet of chips- yay!) , some of us still receive gifts from our parents, in-laws, spouses and even siblings so I thought this post might help some of you searching for special gifts for your loved ones.

Let’s be clear though, the new generation know all about cash – these little ones know the difference between ‘silver money’ and those crisp notes. Yea, so what if they don’t even know their ABC’s or how to count until a hundred, they certainly know that the ‘paper money’ can buy you a lot more than the silvers can hahaha.


Righto then, without further adieu , we are off to the Gift Guide:


1. Al Aseel Thobe – available from Damasq – R390

2. Oudh Cambodi (10g) – available from Damasq – R190

3. Hey Gorgeous Ultimate Beard Kit – available from Hey Gorgeous – R250

4. Leather Wallet (Brown) – available from Spree – R123

5. Tarawih as performed for over one thousand years (book) – available from Cii – R110

6. Gift Cube (Olive) – available from The Body Shop – R100

7. Super Street Fighter (PS3) – available from Takealot – R136

8. ZamZam Bottle (with ZamZam) – available from Cii – R59

9. Pirarwen Aldo loafers – available from Aldo – R699

10. Rainbow Quran – available from The Deen Store – R349


1. Makeup Eraser – available from their website here – R289 (FREE delivery until end June)

2. Black and Gold Stretch Abaya – available from Damasq – R499

3. Untold EDP (30ml) – available from RedSquare – R495

4. Yuppiechef Spice Kit – available from Yuppiechef – R449

5. Rose Gold Bangle with classic Swarovski crystals – available from Miglio Designer Jewellery – R699

6. Treatments at Riverside Day Spa – check out their website here for prices

7. Moringa Gift Cube – available from The Body Shop – R100

8. Kashka Two Tone Chiffon – available from Damasq – R150

9. Wonderbag – available from The Deen Store – R250

10. Cosmopolitan Cuisine Cookbook – available from Damasq – R75

I haven’t done a gift guide for the kiddies but if you are looking for something that is educational and Islamic then I would suggest you check out The Deen Store or if you are in Durban, head on over to the Al Ansaar Bookshop in Overport.

Of course, there are endless options for prezzies but these are just a few I thought I would share with you. You can also refer to this list for any other occasion where you may need some help finding just the right thing for that special person.

What will you be buying your loved ones this Eid?



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  1. Thank you for the feature!
    We certainly hope that our Rose Gold Swarovski crystal bracelet Eid-gift makes the receiver a very happy and stylish person!
    And remember, we always want to see your #migliostyle, so show us some love!

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