Wings {OOTD}


I recently discovered that my Vitamin D levels are way below the acceptable minimum and while I try to rectify this by taking tablets, I would much rather be chilling at the beach and getting it that way 🙂 Who wouldn’t?

I love a white shirt and with the endless looks you can create, it is always a must-have in your closet. I decided to team mine with these tie-dye jeans from Stylemology which I absolutely love wearing. The wave – like print is actually quite calming and I am happy with the way it fits me , I find that most of the time one size is too tight and the other is too small so I am in some weird limbo of jean sizes. This one though is comfy but also just fits well.

This blush pink winged necklace added that little touch I was looking for so I didn’t go crazy with the accessories. My all time fave Rose Gold Guess watch made an appearance and this envelope clutch bag from Forever New which is a little on the small side but I love it nonetheless.

While I am sure you might have expected something else, I decided to finish of this outfit by putting on my bright pink Adidas Superstars. I have always had a soft spot for well-made sneakers and I don’t think that will ever dissipate.

Maybe it’s strange but my sneakers always made me feel confident , happy and trendy when I was younger. I guess it could be heels for one person and mascara for the next – whatever it is that gives you that confidence is an important element to your personality and you should embrace it. You shouldn’t think that if you are different it is a bad thing because it isn’t. Embrace your individuality and your uniqueness, that is what will set you apart from the rest.

IMG_1825 IMG_1828 IMG_1842 IMG_1846 IMG_1853

Jeans: Stylemology

Shirt: Mr Price

Sneakers: Adidas

Bag: Forever New

Watch: Guess

Necklace: Imported


How do you wear your classic white shirt? What makes you feel confident?



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