1972 {OOTD}


Ever since I was a little girl, I was more of a tomboy and my closet consisted mainly of jeans and tees with a mass of sneakers. I think I only owned my first pair of sandals when I turned 17 and decided that I kinda needed a bit of a feminine element in my wardrobe. To be honest, I am still building my collection of this and heels slowly but I am determined to stay true to myself and keep my sneakers , hi-tops and converse as part of my fashion bio. They are still my faves!

Until the day arrives where I can get myself a genuine leather jacket I am opting for the faux type and this one is of really good quality from my favourite store, Sportscene. It has a hood for those rainy , dreary days when you want to cover up but the stitching detail and zips mean it is quite versatile. I would definitely wear this with a skirt or even a maxi-dress to amp it up to rocker-chic meets girly-girl.

These Red Puma sneakers were a must-have for me and the cute polka-dot laces were exactly what I was looking for. I would say they were my pop of colour in this casual daytime look.

I am in love with Adidas and while not very long ago I didn’t own a single item , that has all changed with me struggling to control my spending LOL. This tee was from Zando and with it being black and white, you could definitely add some bright colours to make it stand out.

I am coveting the ‘Stan Smith’ sneakers right now *drool.

IMG_2150 IMG_2140 IMG_2149 IMG_2148 IMG_2141

Jacket: Sportscene (Redbat)

Tee: Adidas (Zando)

Sneakers: Puma (Sportscene)

How will you be dressing this Winter and are you a glam girl, a tomboy or a little bit of both? I would love to know!



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I'm 20-something and hail from the beautiful city of Durban with much to share. I have an opinion on almost everything and am always willing to share my thoughts to those who will listen (I would think that means you *wink) I am a stickler for great quality and even better customer service and would love to share my experiences with you! My opinions are always honest and I always do give credit where its due so if you want an unbiased opinion, read my blog!

2 thoughts on “1972 {OOTD}

  1. Love your sporty look. Staying true to yourself is always important. It shows in your confidence when wearing your outfit. My personal style leans towards comfort and generally has a strong boho element to it ☺

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    1. Ooh yes Iove your style Hun 😉 I agree , I’m not just following every trend that comes along. I know what I like and want to love what I’m wearing , not just following the masses … Here’s to individuality sister !


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