{Lifestyle} Real Madrid Themed Birthday Party


Planning a birthday party is always fun and this one was definitely the best because it was for my favourite person in the world. My husband turned 30 this year and while he didn’t want an over-the-top extravagant do , I thought it would be great if we could have a party with our family just to show him how special he is.

He is a man who has stood by me through all the success and all the failures, through the smiles and tears, bad times and good – he has been there. I appreciate him more than anything and every day that passes I am so grateful for having him in my life. The years have simply flown by and I am so happy that I get to see his smile everyday and spend these special occasions with him. This party was just a small gesture to celebrate him and what he means to me.

If there is something my husband loves (besides me, of course LOL) it is definitely Soccer.

Real Madrid is the team he loyally supports and I don’t think there is a fact out there about them that he doesn’t know. He can rattle off dates and games, famous players and even world cup stats like you will not believe. To say he is an avid fan is truly an understatement. For this reason, I thought I would setup his party with a soccer / Real Madrid theme and add a few of my personal touches here and there 🙂

The Cakes

I really wanted a special cake that complemented the colour theme but still brought the element of masculinity to the party. Saffiyah of Shweet Sensations baked this cake and I can honestly say, I couldn’t be happier. It is what I envisioned for the party with its vibrant look and the ball on top was just fabulous!


I was also ecstatic when I saw that she had baked some Real Madrid themed cupcakes with the team logo, soccer balls and even shirts with the players names on it! They looked so cute, I could literally eat them up (which I did, btw) 🙂




The Candy Table

Even though the party was outdoors, I wanted there to be one table with a variety of sweeties that both the kids and adults could indulge in. I had little bottles for all the guests who could help themselves to my version of a mocktail before the party began and it was definitely a hit. I used some paper straws that I got from Superbalist but also added a normal drinking straw – I know the paper ones get a bit soggy once wet and I didn’t want my guests drinking paper, eek!


I have always loved the tempting look of chocolate-covered marshmallows so without a doubt these were on the table for the party and they really were delicious. I just popped them on a bamboo skewer so they were easy to eat and then decorated them.


Instead of having the regular popcorn bags or those boxes , I went with inexpensive plastic containers with the tops. I bought the bagged, seasoned popcorn and popped (haha, no pun intended) some into each of them for the guests. I stuck some coloured satin ribbon on the side and got some cool, gold stickers which said ‘Happy 30th’.



I got these blue and white striped plates for the party together with the cups (not shown here) to match the theme. I placed this adorable mason jar with a chalkboard label from Spree on the table and filled them with heart candies ❤


Well, these have got to be my fave… I wanted there to be some sweetie packets on the tables as well. So I bought a pack of striped candy bags and filled them with lollipops, jelly babies and other treats before sticking these printed labels on. Thank you to A Fabulous Fete who has these available for download. I then stuck the logos on myself and printed the cards which let everyone know what was on the table. 



Trip down memory lane

When I saw how happy everyone was with their Nifty250 prints online, I knew that I had to order me some. This was the perfect opportunity and boy , was I overjoyed when I saw them and while I was stressing that they may not come in time – I was pleasantly surprised. They were here a few days before the party!

I uploaded the pics I wanted printed to Instagram and when they arrived I put them on a length of twine and pegged them on with these mini pegs from my little sister.  (Sorry I broke some of them sis!) It was a bit windy but they stayed for the most part and looked great.

Plus, I got 30 prints and my husband turned 30. A coincidence? I think not 🙂


For the Kiddies

I wanted the kids to also have a fab time, so I got them some bubbles to have some fun with , as well as those birthday blowers and 2 packs of sparklers that they could play with (under supervision, naturally).

The Dessert

The final thing we did for the day was grab us some Scoop me S’more Ice Cream. The pic says it all , I believe.

What better way to end a fantastic birthday party…




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