Neutral Territory {OOTD}


This lookpost was rather funny and interesting 😛 While taking out these pics, there was this awkward moment where here I am posing , and this car slows down clearly watching us (and yet I chose, what I thought, was a secluded area) and the lady in the passenger seat starts with a slow wave. Clearly one of my more embarrassing moments lol.

So I shot this while at the mall over the weekend where I made the husband walk around with me for 4 hours searching for an item that no one clearly had and went home with a blazer that I didn’t really need. Yup, all I got was one item and my legs are still sore today 😐 Props to the hubby who did this marathon trip without complaining!

This light jacket (a cross between a coat/cardigan/jacket) is perfect for the types of days we are having where it isn’t hot enough to wear short sleeves but you can still feel the slight chill in the air and want to cover up. It was super comfortable and made shopping a breeze as it was so soft and easy to move around in. I have seen similar ones in retail stores now and would definitely recommend you purchase one. When it gets colder, you can wear a knitted sweater underneath and you’re good to go.

I teamed this one with a simple grey tank and my trusty grey skinny jeans which has served me quite well in the past. To add a bit of girly-ness , I accessorised with my gold La Mer watch which looks good with just about everything and works well with the shine of my Zoom pumps.

In my last lookpost, I wore these shoes to more of a formal event but I do think that you can dress it up or down as you wish.

The messenger bag was bought sooooo long ago and I think it was in the region of like R50 or thereabouts but hey, prices can be deceiving… It is made of some good quality material and even though I usually stuff it to capacity, it hasn’t given up on me yet.






Jacket : Truworths

Watch: La Mer

Sunnies: Ray-Ban (vintage)

Shoes: Zoom

How will you wear yours this fall?



*photos taken by Osman Adam

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