Moringa Body Scrub – The Body Shop


The Moringa Shower gel is my favourite product by far because of its gorgeous, light, flowery smell and the way it clings to my skin. So it is no wonder that I was eager to try out the exfoliant in this fabulous range.

I bought this little tub (because I thought it looked adorable) and have been using it for some time now. If you saw my post on the Glazed Apple body polish here , I mentioned that you could use that one everyday. With this scrub though, it would be wise to use it 2-3 times a week and see how your skin looks and feels. As everyone’s skin is different, you might need it more often or maybe even less than someone else.

The smell of this scrub is similar to the shower gel although it does have a bit more of a concentrated smell (if I can call it that) . It still has the floral fragrance when applied and feels luxuriously creamy. As with some other exfoliants, I did not see any greasiness after using this product and was quite happy with the results. It helps get rid of those pesky dead skin cells so your skin can feel rejuvenated and leave it positively glowing.

All you need is a little bit on your hands and then massage it into your skin in circular motions. Don’t be too rough when applying as 80% of the job is already being done by the granules in the exfoliant. I use this mainly on my back and upper arms as the skin there needs it – I usually suffer with pimples there when we get into hotter and humid weather. Since the weather is only starting to get cooler I definitely still need to use it. I love the way my skin feels afterward, the moringa seed oil and the scent of white flowers wakes up my skin and is just beautiful.

You could also use this on the soles of your feet to exfoliate any dry skin but remember to be careful when doing this as the shower floor could get slippery. 😐


Overall, this product is a great body scrub – although I would definitely recommend you use it with the other products in the range so you can layer the scent, and it can last much longer. Even though it is a very ‘summery’ smell, you can use it throughout the year and hey, who doesn’t want to think it is still summer?

p.s. Their secret sale (20% off) is happening until 27th April 2015!




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