{Beauty} Optiphi Classic Complete Therapy Moisturiser


I recently tried out the Optiphi Classic Complete Therapy Moisturiser which is a barrier protecting moisturiser which also contains SPF 20.

While reading about Optiphi I was happy to hear that there is an incredible amount of scientific research behind the production of their range to ensure that it works in synergy with your skin and its needs.

My skin is super sensitive and I’m not only talking about the delicate facial skin but in general, I have to be very careful about the products I use from facial cleansers to body lotions. If you have been following my blog from the beginning you would have noticed that I always mention my acne journey , it was a difficult time for me as a teenager and unfortunately, the battle hasn’t been won yet (is it ever?) . I also had other issues with my skin which made me feel very self conscious, even getting dressed to go out on a weekend meant I had to take into consideration what my skin was doing at the time.

This product is packaged in a nice pump-action dispenser which I like because it means that you get the right amount every time. It is also much more hygienic than using a tub (that gets a thumbs up from me).

The moisturiser is a brownish colour and is thick and hydrating which is perfect for dry skin. In the drier months, the facial skin gets dehydrated and we need to put some moisture back in so a thicker moisturiser like this is important.



I have heard good reviews on this product but unfortunately, my skin had a reaction to it (not uncommon for me). I used it the first time and the next day I noticed I had a few pimples on my cheek. I do know that some products have that initial phase where your skin needs to get accustomed to it so I tried it out for a few more days. Sadly, the result remained the same and my skin didn’t improve- I still experienced a breakout and thus, I decided to terminate use of this product.

Hey, it may have been other environmental factors or a host of random things that caused the breakout that might not have been because of the moisturiser but I wasn’t taking any chances, hence my decision.

I do believe that not every person’s skin is the same, mine is sensitive and most products don’t work on my skin which is why I am always nervous about trying new skincare ranges. The best thing to do is to try it out for yourself and come to a conclusion. Remember to ask for samples or check if there are trial packs available so you can ‘test-drive’ the range before making the purchase.




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