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As anyone knows, in order to keep in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle – you don’t only need to eat right but you also need to exercise. Over the weekend, I attended a Wellness Day hosted by Bellefit Gym located in Overport and besides the number of goodies we ate , I also learned quite a few interesting things about ways to keep fit.

BelleFit is an upmarket ladies only gym which I think is perfect especially if you are a bit self conscious (like I am). The last thing you need to worry about is the number of people watching you while you figure out how the freakin’ treadmill button thingies work (*cringe) .

This gym is conveniently located in Overport and offers the ffg:

  • Full Body Super Circuit and Cardio
  • Studio: Yoga, Dance and Aerobics
  • Crossfit Group Training
  • Transformation Challenges
  • Free Body Assessments
  • Free Nutrition and training programs
  • Natural Health Supplements
  • Energised Friendly Trainers

Bellefit also boasts a Spa which is open to non-members as well , so you have no excuse not to be pampered! You can get facials and skin peels, mani’s and pedi’s, hot stone massages and loads more all done by professional therapists using premium products.

“Discover the strong, beautiful you”

The Wellness day was attended by all types of women, different sizes and shapes, from different backgrounds and of course, have varying weight loss/ training goals. We were greeted and taken through each item on the Agenda by Salma K. Wahab of Estatira and despite the tempting aroma of the tasty food wafting through the air, I managed to stay focussed on the great speakers who enlightened us on how to harmonise our body and mind.

We were asked to get up off our bums (those are my words, they asked politely 😛 )and take part in a super fun intro to Zumba by Karen , who is one of the friendly instructors at Bellefit and who also has experienced a major weight loss transformation herself, and I have to say , I really got into it. At first I felt a bit self conscious but it didn’t take me long to really start enjoying myself !

We were then given a brief history of Yoga by Nina who is the yoga instructor and how this ancient form of exercise has developed over the years. She also explained that she would be able to give members one-on-one attention if requested , as some people may have an injury or an area of the body that they wish to focus on. We then did a quick session where we paid attention to our breathing and I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt, I was so relaxed – I almost fell asleep!

We were then introduced to a concept called Body Talk by Dr. Fathima Kathree which is a natural health care approach that aims to figure out what links are broken in the system and to try to fix them so all the areas of your body will work together to keep you healthy.

There was a great make-up and hair tutorial thereafter showing the ladies how to create a low chignon at home and also how to take your make up from day to night , with just a few swipes of your brush.

There were some fabulous giveaways and some lucky ladies walked away with goodies from:

Dr Raeesa Aboobaker (Dr Baker’s Super Slim Clinic), Rookaya Vawda (Reiki Master) and a representative from Lilian Terry were all there to take us to the end of a fantastic wellness day (with giveaways and their really informative talks).




We were also lucky enough to have some of the instructors from Bellefit chat to us and answer any questions we had on the different classes they offer. I was impressed with the way in which they handled the questions and how comfortable we all felt being there. It certainly felt like there was no judgement and I am certain that is the reason they already have so many members.

Now that is the perfect start to your weight loss journey.

Okay, so you know the time came to EAT 🙂 Food, Glorious Food. Alright, so look at the pictures, salivate and then I will tell you who supplied the awesome eats! (Apologies if I haven’t mentioned ’em all)













Nuovo by Naby (That Bruschetta was flippin’ amazing – I had dreams about it)

Chilli Chocolate Chefs


Convenience on Ridge


Scoop me s’more

Did I mention there were Churros and Chocolate (mmmmmmm)?

If you would like to join Bellefit or try out some of the Spa treatments, they are located at Shop 14, 2nd Floor, Crescent Towers, 102 Hill Street, Overport. You can interact with them on Facebook and on Instagram: Bellefit_ladies_gym .Feel free to let me know what you thought of it in the comments below. 🙂



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