Summertime with Zoku


Every single time I have seen this Zoku Slush and Milkshake Maker, I have wanted one. I am truly a fan of smoothies, slushies and milkshakes, so much so that I tend to order a variation at the restaurants I visit to find the tastiest one. So when I finally got my hands on one of these babies, boy, was I elated!

It comes complete with the inner core, protective sleeve and a cool spoon to whip up some cool drinks. Plus, they come in ahmazing colours just perfect for Summer. I chose the purple because it is so bright and fun – definitely my hue. ❤

All you need to do is pop the inner core into your freezer and leave it in there to get super ice cold. I left mine in there for about 24 hours so it was really chilled but I hear if it’s in there for half the time, it will still be able to make your slushie. Easy peazy.

I am in love with strawberries in general so naturally ,this was my first choice when making my slushie. I blended up some fresh strawberries, a slice of a banana and a piece of apple too (all fruits I love) and to make it interesting I also added in a little fruit juice (the Liqui Fruit Cranberry Cooler goes well). I was a bit worried about adding any juice in because you are advised to only add fruits with natural sugars but I had no issues with it becoming slush. The size of the inner core is a bit on the small side so be careful of how much fruit you blend.

Just pop your blended ingredients into the inner core which is now placed in the protective sleeve and leave it for a bit. Then start your scraping with the Zoku spoon, keep scraping the sides of the cup so you don’t have a mass off ice that you can’t get off and literally, in about 7 minutes you have a tasty slushie !

There is a Zoku Recipie Book too so you can keep an eye out for that and get some good recipies if you don’t want to wing it like I usually do…

It is super healthy and so guilt-free that yes, you can definitely have another one! It is also perfect for milkshakes which I will be trying out soon. Well, that is, as soon as I can find it 😐 With me moving house, it has gone for walkies and I am really missing it.

My tip would be to pour the slush into a cup as soon as it gets to the right consistency. Of course I didn’t think of doing that and my drink continued to freeze. Remember this will  happen because the inner core is still so cold so it will not automatically stop once it has reached the stage you like (it CANNOT read your mind) Because of this , my drink became pure ice and I could not drink it through a straw which didn’t work out well. I will always remember to transfer the drink the next time I use it.

Other than that one thing (which can easily be avoided), I adore this product and would love to buy more so my husband can have his own one too. My next try may be a milkshake – ideas anyone?

I got mine from yuppiechef but they are available from Boardmans too.

See below for the pictures – yummy!





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