HairCare – Oh So Pretty + BaByliss



Recently, many items that I owned was damaged and sadly, they were so unusable that I was forced to throw them out. I had really expensive things that could not be salvaged and I think when something happens that is so out of your control and actually leaves you out of pocket, to say it was difficult is an understatement.

Anyway, I have tried to put that behind me and move on and start a new chapter that is not filled with regrets but instead with happy moments and love. ❤

My much loved hairbrushes were also thrown out and eek! Did you know that even these basic hair tools are expensive aaaand there are so many to choose from 😐

I stopped at Clicks which is one of my fave stores EVER. I literally go in there and I am like a kid in a candy store. I can spend hours and hours and hours just walking through the aisles and I almost end up putting one of everything into my basket. This time though, I tried to remain focussed and only got two items (for once!)

BaByliss Detangling Comb

I have always loved this brand because of its affordability and quality. My first hair iron was from the BaByliss range available exclusively at Clicks and I really put it through its paces. I used it regularly for more than two years before my husband bought me a new hair iron and it was just a case of moving on really.

To be honest, I never owned a detangling comb but with my hair getting longer and with no intention of chopping it, I thought it wise to purchase one. This one was affordable and although it is plastic – it’s very sturdy and firm when being run through my hair which can be knotty and very wavy.

It is perfect for getting your hair tangle-free when you get out of the shower and just before you blow dry. Love it and its affordable too!



Clicks Oh-so-pretty Storage Brush

Next up, I was looking for a paddle brush and I had just picked one up when this bright pink Clicks one caught my eye. I am so sure that this one is probably a meant for a little girl but I bought it anyway. It is a good size and was half the price of an adult hairbrush. Although, I must admit – the price wasn’t the main factor – I loved it because it looked way more fun and well, oh-so-pretty.

I am a fan of the elastics stored in the handle of the brush – especially when I am looking to braid my hair and cannot use the larger elastic bands to secure it. It also means that it is ideal for travelling , in your suitcase or even your handbag – you will never be rummaging through your bag to find a hairband again!

Once these elastics are all lost/broken/eaten up by aliens (we know that they are going to go missing at some point haha) , you can purchase new ones and store them in there. Definitely my  fave brush by far 🙂


Clicks has a wide range of hair tools and haircare products, stocking many international brands and some that are exclusive to them. Take a look and you probably will get an awesome deal or two.

Till next time,



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