Guys VS. Girls

Hi Everyone!

I had a few thoughts over this past weekend about the differences between males and females. While we are completely aware that we differ in so many ways, I decided to write a blog post about some of my observations.

1. Guys can sit in the car, next to each other and not say a word. It doesn’t matter the length of the journey, they just can. After two minutes – I can’t take it anymore and start having conversations in my head. That is how I decided to write this post. Both of us thought it was a good idea. 😛

2. We girls can walk into a retail store and spend hours in there ‘just looking’ and exit with the excuse that ‘they didn’t have anything nice’. The look on the dude’s face when you say that, is like you are speaking Greek or somethin’ (In the biggest store in this ENTIRE mall, you couldn’t find a single thing – NO WAY!)

3. Looking into your closet with the age old complaint ‘ I have nothing to wear’ followed by an exasperated sigh , while you sit on the floor cross-legged and stare at your now-even-messier closet. While your man is still trying to understand how you have nothing to wear despite the fact that your clothes could probably dress an entire town for a week.

4. Guys can walk into a clothing store and walk out with everything they need for probably the ENTIRE year. We, on the other hand, will walk into every single store and leave the mall after a number of hours asking when will we be returning because we didn’t buy anything . hahahahaha. US.

5. When you throw on a jeans and t, and actually brave the outside world because you think you are going to sit in the car, but then. THEN – you are asked to jump off. The pure horror on your face accompanied by ‘I can’t go out like this’ , I am not dressed. Yes, doll, you are dressed – No I am not. You would swear that we were wearing a potatoe sack and a birds nest in our hair.

6. We get distracted/excited/happy when we see SALE signs. We can’t help it. Even if we haven’t purchased anything from that particular store in like 5 years, we will still go in. Because. Sale. Duh.

7. Guys will never understand those half – sentences you have with your best friend, sisters, cousins. Where you stop in the middle of saying something and you and said-partner burst into fits of laughter. He is so confused right now. Did he miss something? Let’s leave him out of this.

8. There is a period of getting ready to go anywhere. There is the choosing what to wear (this takes long and is dependent on a number of factors : weather, who will we see, the terrain to choose suitable shoes etc.) , the make – up (now this takes some time and usually involves wiping off a couple tries of winged eyeliner and feeling frustrated), the I-AM-NOT-COMING phase (where you feel the clothes and make-up are not as good as you expect it to be and you don’t want to go anymore), then there is the cave – where you give in and decide to go (albeit hesitant about this decision) , finally – you walk out the door and get to the car (by this time, you’re very late) – and now comes the duzi. You forgot your iPhone/ Clutch/ Lipstick/ your entire house and need to go back in 😐

Guys, a 24 hours heads-up is important for us to prepare.

Lol, this was just a crazy piece I thought might be fun to read 🙂 I am happy I have an ahmazing hubby who completely understands me and deals (very patiently) with the crazy side of me. There are times when I walk around in sweatpants and crazy hair, having snacks while standing in front of the fridge and vegging out on the couch. ‘aint nothing wrong with that – we just need a healthy balance 🙂

P.s. and always remember that sport is to guys as shopping/talking/makeup is to girls. They can talk for hours about sport and never exhaust the topic – while they know all about transfer windows, girls are aware that Ronaldo has split up from his girlfriend and is now single. (I am not a fan of the dude but I know many are lol – so this gif is for you)


Till next time,



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