OhMega: It’s Almond Butter

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When I was younger and in school (oh, the crazy days of youth 😛 ) , and with mom being a single parent and three school-going children – you had to have breakfast and of course take a nicely packed lunch. You couldn’t be visiting the tuckshop everyday and buying cans of soda and those chicken curry pies that would certainly find their way to your hips… one day. My mom made sure that I had a good breakfast and that my lunch was filling and today I cannot skip breakfast or lunch. Thanks Mom!

This year, I want to eat healthier and introduce raw and natural food into my diet. The days of endless takeaways and chocolate muffins are OVER (unless it’s a treat, of course – I aint living on Mars peeps, I have cravings). My first and most important meal needed to have a special something. This is when I found OhMega Almond Butter. I had been reading about the benefits of Almond Butter for a while and really wanted to try it out and voila! I made this discovery.


Check out this post on Jillian Michaels website which gives you an idea of what the benefits are of eating almond butter. It can really boost your nutritional profile and can assist in losing weight – how amazing! As an Indian – the benefits of almonds have been stressed by our mothers and as always, they were right (Yes, remember the time you rolled your eyes at your mom when she said ‘eat your almonds’ 🙂 ). It is important though to choose an almond butter that doesn’t have anything added to it like salt, sugar and even oils – you should look carefully at the ingredients. Only choose one that is all natural like this one from OhMega.


OhMega Almond Butter is made from pure, roasted ground almonds with no nasty additives or preservatives. All you get is 100% crushed almonds. I am not a fan of peanut butter – the smell is enough to have me running for the hills (seriously) but this Nut Butter has a pleasant almond scent and tastes really good!

The cool thing is that you can use Almond Butter in baked goodies, smoothies and even in meals. It adds great texture and it’s tasty too!

I got mine from yuppiechef (one of my fave online stores) – get yours today too 🙂




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