Infinity Skincare Goodies


I was sent these amazing goodies from the nice people over at Infinity Skincare and because of a whole load of changes in my life, I was unable to post about it. But finally 🙂 I have a review for you.

Konjac Facial Sponge

There has been this hype about the Konjac Sponge for some time now and I was curious to see what this little puff was capable of. I requested to try the Bamboo Charcoal because my skin is both acne prone and super oily.

This special sponge is made from the Konnyaku root and has been used for over 1500 years for various uses in Korea, Japan and China. It is non – toxic, 100% colouring and additive free, earth friendly and totally biodegradable made with 100% natural vegetable fibres.

This little sponge is so easy to use and feels so nice on the skin. Pop it under some warm water and squeeze it out a bit (or you will have water all over the place – I can almost hear the scolding 😐 ). Remember NOT to wring it out, rather press it between your palms gently to let out the excess water. You can add some facial cleanser if you would like – directly to your konjac sponge and then using circular motions, rub it over your face. It feels really gentle on my face but at the same time – I can feel it exfoliating my skin. When I am done, my face feels clean and as if I have just had a spa facial. I suffer regularly with blackheads and while it has not disappeared, it has certainly helped reduce its appearance. It is also great to remove makeup , especially if you have got home late – this little buddy does all the work for you.

When you are done, hang it up somewhere to dry until your next use. Make sure you rinse it so there isn’t any residue left behind. You will find by your next use it has become hard – don’t panic. Just soak your sponge and you’re good to go.




Karen Murrell Lipstick

I never considered myself a lipstick kinda gal but I think it is about time that I start experimenting a bit more with makeup. I was given this lippie to try and truth be told, it was just the colour I would have probably chosen in a lipgloss so I was quite happy to try it out.

Another plus is that KM Lipsticks are made from natural based ingredients. There are no nasties in it so you won’t find animal-based material, parabens, preservatives or mineral oils. Even the outer packaging is good for the environment – it is 100% recyclable 🙂

Mine is the peony petal (15) colour and it’s this gorgeous mix of coral and peach that’s subtle but still makes you feel sexy. It glides onto your lips and gives you this delicate shade which you can’t help but love. I always thought that lipsticks would dry my lips out but not this one! It keeps it conditioned for hours due to its natural ingredients 🙂

There are so many different colours – as many to suit every occasion or mood ❤






If you would like to purchase these and more beauty products, please visit the Infinity Skincare website and check it out!



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