Steps to a healthier me in 2015

IMG_888212When the new year arrives, I tend to make resolutions that I don’t always keep so I have decided I will no longer resolute…

Aaaaanyway, I am now creating goals for myself – ones that are achievable and realistic. While I want to eat healthier, the thought of veggies and no carbs puts me into this panic mode which ultimately means I go crazy and eat every fattening thing out there.

Oh,  but hello super-sugar-fat-laden-glazed donut, would you like to meet my tummy?


For a while now I haven’t been happy with what I have been eating and I know it is time to change. As a working woman – I always used the excuse that I didn’t have any time to eat healthy and besides , it is so expensive! But truth is, these excuses don’t hold any water anymore. I am determined to change my diet and most importantly, the way I think about food.

Trust me , this isn’t about being a stick figure but more about being healthy and feeling better. I want to have more energy and be happy with the choices I make. When I got married two years ago, I thought I would be the same weight forever but since then I have gained a few kg’s and also made bad food decisions (too much take away and fizzy drinks). I know that I am allowed to indulge sometimes but for the most part ,I need to take action to create a healthier me.

I am making small changes to my diet , by drinking more water; choosing wholewheat/rye bread; introducing more veggies at dinner and  eating more fresh fruit during the day. I am also reducing my sugar intake and exercising more. My biggest sacrifice though has to be cutting out cheese from my diet (bye bye cheese 😦 ). You see, I have been having cheese on toast for breakfast ever since I can remember and a few weeks ago I just, well, dumped it.

Cheese has had the worst effect on my tummy (I will spare you the details) but suffice to say, after eating it I didn’t feel so good. I guess this was my body’s way of saying it didn’t like it. It’s not easy to change something that has been part of your routine but it certainly is possible. I know that now.

This is the only body I have and it is time I took care of it.



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2 thoughts on “Steps to a healthier me in 2015

    1. Sugar is definitely not my friend, I know that – but cheese does all sort of things to my body making me feel boated and quite sick. I guess everyone has a different take on it , but my body doesn’t seem to like cheese at all. Of course, I know this because I have this reaction as soon as I eat it. I know my body better than anyone else and after a VERY long time of seeing this reaction, I let it go.


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