Dr Organic – Vitamin E Oil

I started using this Vitamin E oil from Dr Organic some time back and have been waiting to see results before posting my review.

This product has Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil and of course Vitamin E Oil (amongst some other great ingredients).

Rosehip Oil

This oil is full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that help hydrate skin, reduce scars and fine lines. Miranda Kerr (The VS Angel) credits this oil for her great complexion.

Jojoba Oil

Contains Myristic Acid which is quickly absorbed and perfect for dry, mature skins. Due to its anti inflammatory properties – I would say it is vital for acne-prone skin.

Vitamin E Oil

Vit. E Oil is fantastic for so many reasons. Scar tissue, wrinkles, brown spots, even your nails can all benefit from the use of this oil.

Firstly, let me say that my skin is very oily and this is something that has contributed to my breakouts in a big way. I still suffer with pimples and my nose gets really clogged which means major blackheads. This is why I was quite sceptical about using a facial oil because of the effect it would have on my skin. However, I must say that after using this one from Dr Organic, I was pleasantly surprised.

I applied it at night about an hour before bed so it had some time to work. The last thing I wanted was to go to bed and have it on my pillowcase instead of my face 😐 I paid more attention to my cheeks which have most of the scarring and my forehead as well.

The next morning, I expected a breakout of epic proportions but I was relieved when I saw that I hadn’t. Although one of the pimples I already had was a bit bigger than the day before , my skin looked fine with no visible negative reactions to the oil. I was really happy with this because I had anticipated much worse due to the sensitive nature of my skin.

I have continued to use this facial oil, once a day, at night and while this cannot completely make your marks/scarring disappear, it has certainly helped in lightening them and softening my skin. I also have had uneven skin tone around my lips and mouth area, which made it difficult to match a foundation but I see this has helped in evening it out quite a bit. The wonderful thing about this product is that there are no parabens and it is SLS free too! You know that you are nourishing your skin with the best and will have no need to worry about anything nasty going onto it.

This product is great for stretch marks and even skin discolouration. Wherever I see a blemish, I am quick to apply it and let it work its magic!

The only con I would say is that it can be a little uncomfortable walking around with a glossy face, and also going to bed with it. But I do think, the results speak for themselves and it is totally worth it.

Thank you to Dr Organic for sending me this fabulous product to review!

You can find Dr Organic products online at Rubybox, Kalahari, Zando and in Dischem stores.






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