My Holiday Make – Up – Revlon X SmashBox X Maybelline


I have never been a light packer. Ask anyone. I am one of those people who have to take everything but the kitchen sink if I am going away 🙂 This usually holds true for my make – up as well. With summer around the corner and your holiday plans underway , you have got to think about your face too. I have always been a pink / nude (not literally hehe ) kinda girl and have shied away from the bright, bold colours that I am tempted to try. I promise that will change, I want to be more daring and try some new things in 2015. But just this time, I stayed true to my old faithful. These are some of the products I used on holiday.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume

For the life of me, I cannot remember where I got these cute little gloss but I am sure it was some sort of gift with purchase, due to the size. I love glossy lips and of course, the Smashbox brand so I was eager to try this and see how it fared compared to some other glosses.

Let me say, that I am still an advocate for the wand applicator – I think it dispenses the right amount of product and you have the freedom to apply it however you want. This really is a sheer gloss so if you were expecting colour from this baby, you won’t find it here. It is perfect for layering over a lipstick and gives a really sparkly, glittery finish which isn’t overpowering. I didn’t find it sticky or uncomfortable and would definitely repurchase.

In my opinion, this Lip Gloss will work with any skin tone and is exactly what you would want for an everyday shimmery lippie. It has a nude tone so pairs well with a lipstick you would like to wear underneath.



Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm

My Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm is in Demure and as an avid fan of Revlon from my teenage years, I wasn’t incredibly impressed with it. Here’s my take: The first thing I noticed was the packaging which , due to its size, does make it easy to apply – just like a pencil. The lid also secures firmly so pop it into your bag and you are good to go! The pencil also doesn’t require any sharpening and simply twists up which is always a plus for me. The balm was very moisturizing and felt smooth on my lips on the initial application – love!

I did expect more pigmentation from this balm but was sadly disappointed. Although the colour looks quite strong when you pull off the lid, it certainly doesn’t do it justice when it touches your lips. You need to swipe quite a few times before you can actually see the result and the glitter that is left behind doesn’t look so good. After applying it to my hand to take this picture, I then wiped it off with the tissue but you can still see the flecks.

The smell of this gloss is a very strong, minty scent and even though I can deal with it , I think many ladies out there may not. It reminds me of those Dentyne Spearmint packs of gum you get at the store – I really don’t think it should be in a lip gloss…

Verdict: I am still on the fence on how I feel about this lippie.




Maybelline Mineral Powder Naturally Luminous Blush

This wonderful blush is the only one I ever use and I have it for some time now. So long , in fact that I am not sure whether they still sell it or if it has been discontinued 😐 I adore this colour and the effect it has on my skin, so I am yet to try another blush. With my Indian skin, I am always concerned that I may look uber weird with too-red cheeks resembling a clown so I am very careful when choosing make up.

I don’t have any breakouts while using it and the gentle shimmer gives me that glam, glowing look whenever I use it. My favourite thing about this blush is that it has a screw-on cap which means it is all safely tucked away inside and it will not mess your favourite handbag. The little openings on the top of the blush allows you to dust as much as you would like to use into your cap, for the perfect application.

I have some more products I would love to tell you about – all that in upcoming posts!

Keep smiling 🙂



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