Lucy – Movie Review


I was lucky enough to be invited (as an Edgars Club member) to the pre release screening of Lucy , starring Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson. Let me just say at the outset that the employees at SK Musgrave were fabulous and organised and I was really chuffed to be there. The free popcorn and coke was the cherry on the cake 🙂 Thank you Edgars and SK for having us.

Going into this movie , I wasn’t really sure what to expect. From what I had read online, I knew it was sort of a Sci-Fi Action movie but with actors with a history of popular movies, I was eager to watch something I wouldn’t usually book to see myself.

Lucy (played by Scarlett Johansson) is a young woman who gets got caught up in a drug deal with Korean mobsters. Without her knowledge, a pack of drugs is sewn into her and when she wakes up , she realises she has to do what they ask in order to stay alive. She is now a drug mule and she has a job to do or her family dies. Her life hangs in the balance but when the drug starts leaking into her bloodstream, she begins to exhibit superhuman powers. We see Lucy’s change in this movie from being a naive young woman delivering a briefcase to someone whose knowledge exceeds the capacity for any sense of emotion.

To be honest, I really really don’t like movies that include scenes of extreme violence, gore, and any sort of vulgarity. These reasons are probably why during any movie that includes the above – I am usually blocking my eyes and trying to think of my happy place. I know some people enjoy watching thrillers and horrors but I don’t have the stomach for it. That is probably why I didn’t enjoy Lucy that much. The blood , stabbing, shooting and drug – related scenes left me quite disgusted and staring into my popcorn for most of the movie.

I found the style of the movie reminded me of those Animal Planet programs or Discovery shows where you see Lions hunting their prey , or scientists with their explanations of , well, everything… Scenes from nature and theories on mankind were presented in this film.

Morgan Freeman’s role in this movie was really uninteresting to me. We see him conducting a talk to a large group of people about mankind and more importantly, the common thread in this movie – how much of our brain we actually use. This is important because this is what ultimately links Lucy to him and brings us to the climax of the film.

While the visual effects are great and the idea of this film plausible, my sister and I both expected more. There was certainly something missing from this movie and I just wish that Lucy’s relationship with Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) was explored. As a seasoned actor with so much to offer, his role to me was boring…

Despite it’s shortcomings, I must admit that the movie got me thinking. Earth, as it is – is what we have made it and what we continue to do to it will impact us in the future. Time is fleeting and that is our unit of measure – without time, we cease to exist which is why we want more and more of it. Immortality, as you may so wish. What would it mean using 100% of our brain?

Johansson is fantastic is this sci-fi movie. She is able to switch between the two characters so effortlessly and despite her unfeeling nature towards the latter part of the movie, there are still moments where she shows us she is still human.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t really recommend this movie but everyone is different. If anything, maybe you would like to check it out if you’re curious and to appreciate the great acting skills by Johansson.

My rating : 5/10

Lucy opens in theatres today and carries with it an age restriction of 16 (Violence)



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