Dr Organic – Organic Manuka Honey Hand and Nail Cream Review



Most of my Google searches related to organic skincare products lead me to Dr. Organic. These guys have only recently reached South African shores which means we too, can experience the great benefits they promise.

Let me tell you why I love Dr. Organic … (believe me, you will love them too! )

  1. They strive to use organically grown ingredients
  2. They use certified bioactive extracts
  3. No Parabens in their products
  4. Their products are free from SLS, perfumes and artificial fragrances
  5. Products are suitable for Vegans
  6. No animal testing!
  7. Genetically modified organisms are avoided

While I did receive full size products (reviews on those coming soon) , I also received samples of their hand cream (amongst others) which I was excited to try out!

Organic Manuka Honey Hand and Nail Cream

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about Manuka Honey. It seems to be quite popular overseas but I didn’t hear of it until I saw this product so naturally I checked it out. While reading about it online ,I found that it has actually been around for centuries and was used to treat a number of ailments. The Manuka Tree grows almost exclusively in New Zealand and has unique medicinal qualities. Now that’s the kind of thing you want to be applying to your hands!



I noticed that my hands get incredibly dry while I am at work. With a combination of the air conditioning and the regular washing of my hands with a hand wash, my skin gets really tight and thirsty! Yes, hands do get thirsty. I thought this would be the perfect test to see how this hand cream would hold up.

Well, firstly – I noticed the Honey scent and the rich, luxurious consistency of the cream. When I initially applied it, I found the smell a bit overpowering – I do usually use a hand cream that has notes of Vanilla which is probably why I felt this way. The good news is that the scent tones down after some time and you are left with a gorgeous smell on your hands.

As a result of the various Oils in it (Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil) your hands may feel somewhat greasy at first. However, this is integral in ensuring your hands are moisturised – and within 15 minutes, it will be completely absorbed by your skin. You can then enjoy smooth and hydrated skin that doesn’t look or feel dry in the least. It also helps in repairing damaged cuticles and keeping your nails looking good too.




This fabulous hand cream kept my hands moisturised and sweet smelling for hours, and by applying it just before bed – you can maximise all its amazing properties.

They have such a wide range of products and with glowing reviews, I would suggest trying them out and finding the product/s for you. Keep an eye on my blog for more reviews on Dr. Organic Products.

Dr. Organic Products are available online from Zando, Kalahari and Rubybox.



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