Where have I been???


So I know you are probably wondering where I have been all this time and I half-expect to see tumbleweeds rolling across my blog 😐 Eeek! I took a break during our fasting period – during Ramadaan and completely and utterly enjoyed Eid this year 🙂 This is my second Eid being married and it’s still so exciting for me when Hubby leaves for Eid salaah and he returns smelling sweetly of Itar , and with a warm embrace EID MUBARAK (insert googly heart-eyes face here lol) – I cannot imagine taking that moment for granted, ever.

I spend half the day at my wonderful mom-in-law’s house where I get to indulge in all kind of delicacies made especially for us , I mean me haha  🙂 and then the other half is spent with my amazing mommy who makes sure that I never miss out on those tasty sweetmeats and fabulous breyani!



We all meet at our aunts’ house (aka the Headquarters) in Durban and with our family forever expanding, you will find not less than 100 (Yes, ONE HUNDRED!) relatives (and close family friends) celebrating Eid together. The atmosphere is electric, and all you can hear is the continuous chatter, loud laughter and of course that camera clicking away. We deem anyone who can operate a camera/ smartphone good enough to be our photographer! At the end of the night, there are a gazillion ‘cousin selfies’ and we are all clamering to see (on that little screen) which ones we look the best in. Of course, not everyone agrees on which is the best hehe but alas, there isn’t aways a choice. These photos are then whatsapped, bbm’d and tagged on Facebook for everyone to see how crazy and conceited we are 🙂 Truth be told, I can’t imagine Eid without these incredible people in my life – and now, I simply cannot wait to see what the next Eid will bring. Insha Allah – I hope we are all around to celebrate it with those we love the most. Ameen.


Right then, I know I was supposed to post after Eid but my hubby and I have finally been able to spend time together. Let me put it to you like this – his job requires him to work weekends ( yes, Saturday and Sunday) and night shifts as well. Therefore, most of the time – he gets home at about 10pm – 11pm and as you can imagine – it becomes rather lonely. 😦 Sigh, my blog keeps me occupied and provides me with something I enjoy doing. Recently, he was able to work on an early shift (sadly, this isn’t for long) so you can imagine that I have been wanting to spend this time with him. My blog is incredibly important to me and so are you – I will be back soon-soon!! Promise dolls! ❤

For you married lovelies out there – If you are married and your husband gets to have dinner with you every night, gets to tuck your kids into bed and kiss them goodnight , and is able to ask you about your day when you get home – be grateful for it. I know you may sometimes, take it for granted and actually WISH you had more time for yourself but imagine if you did. Wouldn’t you miss him being around? For me – just to see my husband when the sun is still out and to sit at the dinner table enjoying a meal together , talk about our day and actually plan a fun-filled weekend is something I make duaa to have one day. Ameen. But I am still grateful even for this time – just to have him in my life and to see him, spend time with him and to know that there is this amazing guy who loves me unconditionally. He’s taught me that we must make Shukr (Be thankful) and practise Sabr (patience) because there are others who have more hardships to overcome and that , in their eyes – WE are the lucky ones.

Keep your eyes on my blog sweeties – I have so many reviews to do – I don’t know where to start!



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