Hydroquinone and Skin-lightening products – Why you shouldn’t use them!


While reading a well known beauty and fashion magazine, I came across the following : “Remember, during pregnancy, you can’t use hydroquinone…” Of course, being the inquisitive type – I googled this obviously scientific term to see why it was harmful. What I found was A LOT of information but they are all related to skin-whitening, lightening and bleaching products which sadly, is in demand. People want to change their natural skin colour and for some, they will go to any lengths to do so.

Well, for those of you that are picking up that beauty product that promises you fair skin, take into consideration the long term effects it can have.

Hydroquinone is a possible carcinogen and could be toxic to your body. Using this chemical on your skin just to get ‘fair’ is one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make. The long term effects – namely exogenous ochronosis are scary, to say the least. Believe me , the images that came up when I searched this condition was terrifying (which is why I haven’t posted them here) . Basically, your skin becomes a blue-black colour and your pigment cells become damaged leading to irreversible damage. Can you imagine what is happening to your skin when you now expose this chemical to the sun? 😐 The UVA and UVB rays react with the ‘toxic’ Hydroquinone and can result in leathery and bumpy skin. Ugh!

There is no question about it ladies, yes! It will definitely help with your pigmentation issues and lighten your skin but to what end. Are you willing to put your health at risk and the future condition of your skin to make yourself look lighter?

Hydroquinone was banned in South Africa but this hasn’t stopped illegal trade of these creams. Take a look around you and you will notice them , the vendor on the street corner – the little shop in the CBD, it’s everywhere! The market for skin whiteners , not only in SA but globally is thriving as demand increases and why? because people believe a darker complexion means you are less worthy, less beautiful. I am here to tell you , NO, it doesn’t! We are all beautiful no matter what we may look on the outside and we must come to embrace that. You may be able to lighten your skin now but in five years you will have irreversible damage and worst of all, regret.

Look, I know there are debates out there about the safety of Hydroquinone but personally, I won’t take the chance.

I checked out a great informative video from well-known brand Dermalogica and why they don’t use Hydroquinone in their products. Check it out here.




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