Rain Africa – Bush Olive Tree Mist | Avocado and Marula Body Polish


With Winter here and the dry weather taking a toll on our delicate skin, it’s so important to get keep it in the best possible condition. This means using products which are hand-crafted and that use only natural ingredients. I can only think of the amazing Rain Africa products for this. (if you don’t know who these fab guys are – check out this link)  I was given these two fantastic products to try out and although so overdue, here is my review on both the Bush Olive Tree Mist and the Avocado and Marula Body Polish.


Bush Olive Tree Mist

I will be honest – I have never used a’mist’ before this one and nor did I know such a thing existed 😐 However, I was glad that I was given this lovely little thing to use. I really do love that Rain Africa’s products take into account the fragility of the environment and are incredibly conscious when manufacturing their products. When I see the ‘beauty without cruelty’ stamp – I am able to enjoy using it because I know innocent animals weren’t harmed for me.

This tree mist contains Rosemary Essential Oil, Cape Chamomile Fynbos Essential Oil and Myrrh Essential Oil which are harvested to bring the scents and smells of the beautiful Platbos Forest to you. All these oils promote a sense of well-being and healing which I found when using it. Holding it at a distance from my face and one quick spritz later, I am enveloped by the smell of the outdoors, the forest and I can’t help but feel some of that stress melt away. It helps if you are in a quiet place and you can close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere else – appreciating the beauty of nature. I would definitely recommend using this on hot days as well, in the summer heat which can become very unbearable in South Africa – this helps to keep you cool. I had no adverse skin reactions to it – which says a lot because of my sensitive skin. At 10ml , it is the perfect travel size! Pop into your handbag and take it with you wherever you go, you will definitely find a use for it.

The Bush Olive Tree Mist retails for R125.00


Avocado and Marula Body Polish

Oh , now this one is a beauty! It contains all these essential oils (including crude Avocado oil to heal sun damage) to keep your skin exfoliated and looking amazing but the superhero here is Marula Oil. It has become known as the ‘miracle oil’ as a result of its ability to nourish, soften, revitalise and hydrate skin. It is harvested from the Marula Trees which are indigenous to South Africa and Madagascar. Another reason why our country is so incredible 🙂


This polish is exactly what dry , dehydrated winter skin is calling out for! It isn’t harsh on your skin and exfoliates while also hydrating to stimulate fresh new skin cells. It is very important to exfoliate to keep your skin healthy. I loved using this product because, not only was the smell calming but the way my skin felt after exfoliating was fantastic. The smell lingers and you would swear you were relaxing in a spa on some game reserve while enjoying the unpolluted fresh air . I would recommend washing well with a mild shower gel once you’re done as it does leave a layer of oil on your skin.

This Body Polish retails for R99.00

You can get both these products from one of their stores near you , click here to find one 🙂

Remember, it is possible to over-exfoliate. Only exfoliate once or twice a week and never use body exfoliators on your face. You can damage the delicate skin on your face in this way.

Here’s to smooth skin and de-stressed minds 🙂



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