Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – Sun Defense for Face

When going out , even in Winter, it is really important to wear a really good sunscreen to protect from both UVA and UVB rays as well as to keep your skin moisturised. My husband is a stickler for wearing sunscreen while , I , on the other hand am not so much. 😐 I think , more than anything – my dislike stems from the fact that no matter which one I have tried , I always find it wanting.

However, earlier this year I found thee most AHMAZING sunscreen and these days, I even carry it with me to reapply. What a change , hey? Recently, I had a chat with one of my cousins and while discussing make-up and skincare , we discovered that we both use the SAME sunscreen! Okay, maybe that isn’t something to write home about but thing is, she and I cited the same reasons for using it. This is why I am sharing my experience with the Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense (for Face SPF50) with you. Maybe you too are searching for the ONE.


As you might have realised from my previous skincare posts, I have very oily skin and also suffer with breakouts from time to time. I know how important suncare is but every brand I ever tried has left my skin greasy, clogged my pores and exacerbated my Acne problem. In short, I gave up on finding the perfect sunscreen. That is, until I discovered this beaut from Elizabeth Arden. I have the Eight-Hour cream but because of its petroleum jelly like consistency , I was a bit sceptical in trying out their sunscreen. Nevertheless, I took a chance on it because of its reviews and never looked back!

The consistency of this when squeezed is quite thick, think body butter ‘thick’ and has quite a strong smell as well. If you have the original Eight Hour Cream , you will know how overpowering that fragrance can be. Once applied, it glides on smoothly and is absorbed easily. I like it because I don’t look shiny and nor do I feel like my skin is suffocating. I do have dark marks due to the extreme Acne I had when I was younger so I was searching for a really good sunscreen with a high SPF to help combat these marks getting darker as I get older. I found this has really helped and I continue to use it every day. Because of it’s non-greasy texture, you could also apply your make-up over it 🙂

You could use this all over your body but at the  current price point, the end result may be too costly. I would suggest using this on your face only and then getting another sunscreen at a lower price for other areas. Even though it’s a little tube , if you only apply it to your face, it actually lasts quite long.

At 50ml , this sunscreen retails for R215.00 at major retailers. I bought mine online from Red Square and it was delivered straight to my door (plus you can choose 3 free samples from their selection) – Score!

Remember that you must take of your skin now to reap the rewards later !





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