Stila Smudge Proof Waterproof Eye-Liner

Wearing eyeliner is a bit like wearing underwear, if you have it on – you feel like you’re properly dressed and ready to face the world 🙂

This little beauty was given to me at the DBN Blogger meet and even though I usually gravitate towards brighter colours , I was keen to experiment with this one. This eye-liner is in Lionfish and has a very metallic and bronze – y finish when you apply it.  I love the shimmer effect and the fact that it is smudgeproof and stays on for hours has me sold. This liner glides on easily and since it isn’t liquid , you can store it safely away without any wastage of the product.

It also claims to be waterproof… After applying a swatch on my hand, I tried to rub it off and it really was incredibly stubborn. I then tried some water and even that didn’t get it removed completely. It is one of those make up essentials that you should have because of its long lasting quality.

I am not really good with the twisty , make up thingies so I think I might have broken mine already 😐









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