Winter is here and it’s time for some ‘Oh So Heavenly’ pampering

With the chill of winter upon us, our body needs some extra care and love to keep it hydrated and happy. I fell in love with this brand some years ago when I received some lavender – scented products (which included a little teddy) as a gift from my now sister-in-law on my engagement. The Oh So Heavenly products are only available at Clicks which means you can use your cashback vouchers to  purchase them AND they are reasonably priced too.

I received the Refresh and Renew Body Wash Cream (with Argan Oil) and the Lily Lovely Body Cream at the Durban Blogger Meet. I tested them out and this is what I thought :


Retails for R28.95 (300ml)
Retails for R28.95 (300ml)

I usually use a shower gel so this was a rare moment for me using a body cream – although to be honest , I quite enjoyed it. It’s consistency is similar to a body lotion, very thick and creamy – luxurious even. To me, it smelled faintly of vanilla and almond – both of which I love!

I liked that the smell filled the bathroom and made me feel really relaxed. Sadly, this beautiful scent doesn’t linger on your skin too long, I would have preferred if it stayed on my skin for some time after showering.

It lathers up quite quickly for a cream – which means loads of foam. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and silky , which is perfect if you suffer from dry skin.

For those cold, wintery nights – lather up your toesies when you’re having a shower then wrap them up warmly in bedsokkies so they can absorb all this loveliness 🙂

Next, I took the Lily Lovely Body Cream for a whirl.

Retails for R28.95 for 300ml
Retails for R28.95 for 300ml



Despite the hydrating properties of the Refresh and Renew Body Wash Cream, it is important to moisturise your body when you step out of the bath. I tried out this Lily Lovely Body Cream from the Oh So Heavenly Scentsations range.

First off, this tub is HUGE. It is a 450 ml tub so you know it is going to last you some time. This hydrating body cream has the fragrance of stargazer Lily and Hibiscus Blossom which is a plus for me. I love creams with floral scents and this is definitely on point.

Stargazer Lily
Hibiscus Bloom
Hibiscus Bloom

I usually use a body butter and if you do so too , you will find the feel of this is quite different. It is thicker, much like aqueous cream and takes a bit longer to be absorbed by the skin and but it really does make a difference .

I enjoyed using both products and will definitely recommend you try them too!




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