Fleur De Lis Spa – Durban (Umhlanga)


With it being my husband’s birthday , I wanted to take him out for a treat and this meant , well – a spa day 🙂 His work is quite physical and so some time out was certainly in order.

We previously stayed at Coastlands Hotel in Umhlanga but had never visited their spa situated on the third floor called Fleur De Lis Spa.

Checking their specials , I came across their Simply Heavenly package which included the following:

  1. 15 min candlelit Spa bath
  2. Deep tissue back massage
  3. Indian head and neck massage
  4. Spa facial

All these treatments together with an overnight stay at the 4-star hotel including breakfast all for R2010.00! (R120 was added to the prices on their catalogue because it was at their Umhlanga branch – as you can imagine, I wasn’t too happy about that) However, it still seemed like a good deal and it was easy enough to book. I did everything via email and paid a small deposit and voila! My booking was done.

We arrived 15 min early for our treatment as they requested, but unfortunately – we went in 15 min later than we were supposed to. Our appointment was at 12.00 but they only took us in at 12.15. I was getting quite frustrated that we were there early but they took us in late. Even worse is that our treatments were not extended by those 15 minutes that we were required to wait.

They have two locker rooms where you get changed in the awesomest fluffy white robes to begin your Spa Journey. You can lock all your valuables away and take the key with you.

First up was the candlelit spa bath and boy, was it relaxing. The hustle and bustle of the city life we are so accustomed to simply disappeared. I felt like we could have been on a remote island somewhere. We were surrounded by little tea lights and guava juice for two. Little did I know that there disposable shorts to wear while we were in there. The therapist assisting us did not tell us about the juice or the shorts – so you’re probably wondering what we wore— well, I was prepared and so our bathing suits were underneath LOL

Then it was time for our couples deep tissue back massage. We had been looking forward to this for a while. We were both in one room with two therapists who introduced themselves and then kindly asked what type of pressure we would like. My therapist was fantastic, she really got deep into those knots in my back and I felt the stress just melt away. She had a calming voice and routinely asked me how I was doing. I thought that was really polite.

The Indian head and neck massage wasn’t something extraordinary but it was nice nonetheless.

Last but not least, was the spa facial. I was looking forward to this one and how my skin would react as I have really sensitive skin. A mask was placed on my face but with some kind of compress over it. I couldn’t really speak as it covered my mouth but afterwards it felt really refreshing. They also used a steamer on my face to assist in removing the impurities and as I suffer from blackheads I was quite happy. I didn’t experience any breakouts and although not a big difference – I quite enjoyed it.

Once our treatments were over my therapist thanked me and asked me to visit me again, possibly for mother’s day. My husband’s therapist on the other hand, well, she just said to him ‘Ok, I’m done’. Really? Yes, really. She also never explained what she was doing during the facial and also did not check in with him if the pressure during the massage was suitable.

I paid the full amount to Fleur De Lis, but on arrival for my check-in at the hotel, they looked quite confused and I had to explain to the guys at reception how I had paid for my stay. I also found that since our last stay a while back, they now have boom gates and pay parking at the hotel. Unfortunately , no one actually advises you that if you stay at the hotel it is complimentary. I did figure it probably was so I asked, and it was. All you need to do is take your voucher to reception and they will scan it for you so you don’t pay!

Coastlands Hotel in Umhlanga is still on our list of favourites when it comes to accommodation. As for Fleur De Lis, well, the treatments are varied and their specials are really worth it , I am just still not completely sold on the entire experience.

Maybe I will check them out again in the future and rate their service again.

With Mother’s day around the corner, check out their website for their specials. There is a really nice one called “Mum and Me” for R1050 for two people which includes:

  • Full Body Aromatherapy massage
  • Brightening Facial with Steam
  • Foot treatment ( Soak, Scrub, File, Massage)
  • Duration: 2h30 min

If you can’t find these specials on their site, pop them an email and they will send it to you.

Entrance - Coastlands
Entrance – Coastlands


Complimentary tea/coffee
Complimentary tea/coffee


Woohoo! It is Fleur De Lis Spa :)
Woohoo! It is Fleur De Lis Spa 🙂


Filling out the form...
Filling out the form…
Fluffy robes. Yes please!
Fluffy robes. Yes please!



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