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So I have ALWAYS been in love with creative stationery, I guess that is probably why I currently work at a stationery company 🙂 From my primary school days, I can remember walking into every major retailer and making a beeline to the stationery aisle and then buying everything I could with my little allowance. I still feel like doing that sometimes but of course, my choice of brands have changed.

One of my favs is a brand that was created by proudly South African Lou and has become so popular that it is being sold overseas as well. How awesome! They sell beautiful, eye-catching products ranging from stationery to party items – did I mention they sell nappy bags too?!  Your one-stop shop for everything you need.

I was lucky enough to receive this Lou Harvey Sample Pack from Origin Bespoke Stationery at the  Durban Blogger Meet and I think it is totes adorable.

Sample Pack - Lou Harvey
Sample Pack – Lou Harvey


This was the perfect thing for me as I don’t have a shopping list (scraps of paper usually does it for me) and as an added bonus, it is magnetic so onto the fridge it goes. The candy stripes in the various colours totally match the theme of my kitchen which includes light pinks and greens. Included was also a three-part magnetic frame which holds two photos (ID size) and one picture which is landscape – oriented.

I was also given the cutest coin purse (at least that is what I will use it for) in a girly pink with a functional ring attached,  so it can be added to your keys and be there when you need it, while also adding some ‘pretty’ to your life. You can see it is durable and able to last quite some time.

All their products are designed with the consumer in mind who wants something that is different, made of good quality material but also aesthetically appealing and this wonderful brand does all this. And… they are manufactured in our beautiful country. Just another reason to support this fantastic brand.


Functional but pretty
Functional but pretty

Have a look at the hellopretty site to check out what LH products are on offer or visit their website for a store near you. Believe me, you will definitely find something you like. The hard part will be restricting yourself to buying just a few items…

Happy Shopping !






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