Marc Anthony – Oil of Morocco Shampoo – Review



Scouring online stores for new hair products to try, I came across this one by Marc Anthony on the Rubybox site. From the rave reviews of users of this product, I was eager to try it out.




This is what Rubybox says:

Looking for a simple way to get gorgeous, healthy and luscious hair? Treat yourself to this oil-infused luxury shampoo from professional hair stylist Marc Anthony. Infused with Moroccan argan oil, keratin and grape seed oil it promotes hair growth, boosts shine and fights unruly frizz.

What I say:

My hair type is a bit tricky , much like my skin. I usually tend to stay away from products that have any type of oils in it because it aggravates my issues.

I have really oily ends and on the other extreme, I have dry scalp so finding a shampoo that works for both these issues simultaneously is not easy. I do have my go-to shampoo but like everyone else , I am keen to dry different products and see what they have to offer. I saw the wonderful results people had and needless to say, I was convinced that I needed to give it a try.

Well, firstly –  I simply love the packaging. The bottle is longer than usual especially for it being 250ml and with it being a squeeze bottle means it is so much easier to use. I like the aesthetics, the really pretty turquoise colour catches your attention and looks cute in the bathroom (if things like that matter to you..hehe) . The smell is also really nice, very much like the expensive salon-quality ones.

Now for the final results. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with my hair after using this shampoo. After drying my hair, it wasn’t frizzy but it also had no movement and instead of looking healthy, it just kinda stuck to my scalp. Within a day, it looked greasy and as if I hadn’t washed it in weeks. I couldn’t even style it because there wasn’t much I could do with it. Thank goodness I didn’t buy the other products in the range because I am sure my hair would have reached another level of oiliness …

I do believe that this product may not have worked for me because it wasn’t produced with my hair type in mind. In fact, I think if you are someone who has really curly, dry or frizzy hair you might see those amazing results others have talked about. On the plus side, I did notice that it smoothes flyaways and does make hair softer.

My advice is : try it for yourself.

It is available online at Rubybox and retails at R109.95. There are other products in the range : Oil of Moroco Argan Oil Conditioner (R109.95)  and Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment (R139.95)

Let me know what you think if you try it out 🙂




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