Printstagram – Review

I have always been a sucker for unique and personalised items so while randomly searching the net (I do that, usually 😛 ) I found this pic of Kourtney Kardashian with her personalised iPhone cover ,and I really wanted one for myself.


I was lucky enough to find a Groupon special for Printstagram and of course I snapped it up. This online retailer offers not just iPhone covers but other personalised items such as canvas prints, stickers, calendars and more. You can choose from various layouts and backgrounds , and although uploading them is easy – I had a problem if I wanted to move a particular picture from where I placed it originally to a different area of the layout. Even if I clicked ‘undo’ or selected the picture to be moved , it wouldn’t budge so I would have to start afresh. I have no idea what the problem was but that was frustrating.

Prices range from R249 for phone covers and are both iPhone and Samsung compatible. Delivery can take 14-21 working days (I received mine within 14 days). I was lucky enough to get delivery free – however there will be a delivery charge if you order directly off the site. Unfortunately, there isn’t much info on shipping upfront – but after some checking it should be R65.00 for nationwide delivery.

I would have liked the pictures to be clearer but I guess, due to the size of it- it did get distorted somewhat. The cover seems quite strong and sturdy with easy access to the side buttons and has transparent edging.

This is how mine turned out, of course I chose the layout where I could fit the most pictures 🙂


The fact is, we are gravitating away from the traditional, generic, mass-produced lines   – we now want unique, custom-made, one-off items that reflect our personality and individuality. Printstagram allows you to preserve your memories and to keep them close so you see them all the time, not just when you’re bored or looking for a #TBT photo 😛

If  only they would rectify the issues we purchasers experience so it can streamline the process and make it easier.

p.s. Printstagram are having a MASSIVE saving during the month of March – 50% off everything on their site. Check them out! Use the code: REDONKDEAL.

You can also get deals for some of Printstagram products at Daddy’s deals here and Groupon here



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