“Rain Africa” – Awesome handmade products for you (Blogger Event)


I was lucky enough to be invited to the Rain Africa Blogger event in Durban and it was a fabulous day of pampering and insight into this great organisation.

The event was held at the beautiful Makaranga lodge nestled in the leafy and serene suburb of Kloof. The scenery was amaze, I felt like I was far from the smog, pollution and bustling city life and it was exactly what I needed. The venue was the perfect place for us to be introduced to the unique products that Rain Africa produces for its clients. We were all treated to hand massages from the incredible Ronelle whose knowledge of the process and ingredients Rain Africa uses were both vast and captivating. Ryan and Yusuf gave us more information about the various ranges and what they contain that make their products different from others. Incredibly insightful!

If you haven’t heard of them before, well, this company creates handmade bath & body products and hand crafted home ware using natural ingredients with African origins. Rain products are responsibly handmade with love and care for their customers, craftspeople and the environment.

Their ranges include bath and shower products, babycare, aromatherapy oils and even décor products. And you can be sure that their products were produced with consideration for everyone involved. How awesome darlings! Everything you need in one place and created with so much happiness 🙂 Does it get any better?

I gained a wealth of knowledge at this fantastic event and encourage everyone to be a consumer who makes an informed decision, let’s not blindly purchase beauty products anymore. I am in love with Rain Africa because of their dedication to:

  1. Bringing organically African products to you
  2. Create jobs for those living in poverty
  3. Create products that are free from parabens and that have not been tested on animals
  4. Make their products nature-friendly
  5. Offer you skilled professionals in beauty (at your service)
  6. Produce products that are beneficial to your skin

Heart-warming stories of the staff at the Swellendam Factory made my heart melt and my eyes well up. Despite their poverty, these wonderful people go to work everyday with a smile on their face, praying that the products that reach us feel like love on our skin. Do you need any more motivation to purchase their products?  Rain Africa’s commitment to the upliftment of the community and move towards keeping their production labour-intensive is something I will always admire.

Their products come in beautiful packaging and the scent that lingers on your skin  makes you feel like you have just had a spa treatment. It relaxes not only your body but your mind as well. I opened the Savannah body butter while I was there and once I inhaled the fragrance, I was transported somewhere else where there existed only the radiance of the sun and the feeling of the light breeze on my skin surrounded by an array of vibrant and colourful flowers. Truly, the most vivid experience I have ever had.

Check out their website here to find a store in your area. If you can’t locate one, don’t fret – you can purchase online ! Woohoo! And if you are near the Swellendam area, don’t forget to check out their Rainforest Day Spa, where you can get the entire Rain experience – all while being kind to nature, people and our animals. Do your bit honeys and buy from responsible retailers like Rain Africa.

Thank you to the Rain Africa Team for this superb day that proved to be incredibly beneficial and taught us so much about you. The rich history about this beautiful company and the people-centred ethos you are committed to and the love that radiates from you will forever stay with me.

Scroll down for pics from this great event!

Gorgeous Venue
Gorgeous Venue




Schooled by Ronelle :)
Getting Schooled 🙂


Goodies Bags
Goodie Bags
First to see this book !
First to see this book !
One of the ranges
One of the ranges
Love this design
Love this design
This is a CAKE :)
This is a CAKE 🙂


Some of the bloggers with the rain staff at the event
Some of the bloggers with the rain staff at the event

Hope you enjoyed this post. I will be reviewing the products I received in my goody bag soon 🙂



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