I’m married but still dating…


So, I am married and still dating. Hush – don’t judge me.

I am dating my husband , after all 🙂

My husband and I are now married for a year and four months and it has been amazing. I know some people will roll their eyes at me and say “let the honeymoon phase pass and then we’ll see” but the truth is that I don’t want it to pass. Ever.

Let’s be honest, once you’re married – you get bogged down with all the nitty-gritty of daily life and it’s the rush-home-from-work and make dinners and halt the purchasing of expensive clothes. What?? No Shopping!! you must be crazy…

Now, you have to pay for essentials and no, a leather jacket is not an essential – or maybe it is – okay, I am digressing… Yes, essentials like groceries and toilet paper (that’s what I meant, electricity and water and all those other things that you enjoyed at home , with your parents 🙂

You find yourself so busy that there is like a million things running through your mind! Your hair is usually tied because, well , using a straightener and dare I say it, a hairdryer, is too much work, and oh gosh, the laundry. Don’t get me started. It’s like you never see the bottom of that basket, you probably saw it when you first purchased it. Ah, the responsibilities of marriage.

But just with those responsibilities come those moments of sheer love and adoration that nothing compares to. I still look at my husband like he is my hero because the truth is, he is. Everyday we try to learn something new about each other and we always have date nights. Always. And yes, we call it a date night. Bleh, all you haters. Lol

He calls me at work during the day, not to say he is going to buy bread this afternoon or “do you need anything ?” but just to say he loves me and can’t wait to see me. The other night we were sitting down to eat dinner and  I suddenly had a craving for KFC mash and gravy and a streetwise burger (and I haven’t eaten that in like 3 months) – so at 8pm on a Monday night we were driving to KFC because he knew I reeeeaaaaally wanted it. That’s commitment 🙂

I could go on and on but marriage is everything to me, it’s given me a new perspective on life and what’s really important and what you should value. I know how important loyalty is because my parents divorced when I was young and I already knew what I was looking for – lucky for me, I found the most amazing man to spend my life with.

Whether you’re married for 1 year, or 10 years, 20 years – whatever it is, telling your spouse that you love them is the most important thing and showing them is just an important.

What’s the saying?

“Actions speak louder than words” – ah ha , it’s true.

What works for us may not work for you but my top tips for the best marriage ever is :

  • Say you love him everyday, more than once (it makes a difference 🙂 )
  • Thank him for the little things he does
  • Send him a text/whatsapp/bbm/tweet/fb inbox (whatever – even a telegram taped to a pigeon or a smoke signal :P) – just tell him you miss him already
  • Never take him for granted and always, always look at him and remember how you felt when you first fell in love, you should feel like that everyday
  • Don’t go to bed angry, one of you may not wake up tomorrow. By then, it will be too late.

We still go out to dinner, get glammed up and sometimes even look at each other shyly and I love it.

His words to me when I am down are “we’re a team“. We do things together … and it makes even grocery shopping exciting.

With him by my side, I know we’ll always win.

He’s not just my husband but my best friend 🙂 I love you brah ❤



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I'm 20-something and hail from the beautiful city of Durban with much to share. I have an opinion on almost everything and am always willing to share my thoughts to those who will listen (I would think that means you *wink) I am a stickler for great quality and even better customer service and would love to share my experiences with you! My opinions are always honest and I always do give credit where its due so if you want an unbiased opinion, read my blog!

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