Lamelle Clarity – your solution to acne-prone skin


Up until my 20’s , I was still suffering with acne-prone skin and it really was the worst time in my life (if you suffer with pimples, you’ll know what I mean) . I would go out and feel self-conscious that all people saw was the marks and horrible ugly growths that were on my face. I know that make-up would cover it up but that was only temporary , I just wanted it to go away. But, of course that didn’t happen. I thought it may be a phase while I was in high school but after trying many products and with it carrying through past adolescence – I kind of gave up.

Some people would ask my why I had so many pimples (really ? are you seriously asking me that? 😐 if I knew, I wouldn’t have them, would I? ) and at times I would just sob to myself about how terrible I felt and constantly ask ,why me?

Then , after years of searching and endless trips to the dermatologist and GP , I discovered Lamelle products. I was recommended the Clarity and Acnevelle range and since it is manufactured for South African skin, I was open to trying it and so started using it immediately.

Clarity and Acnevelle range
Clarity and Acnevelle range

I was very consistent in using these products on a daily basis because I knew that if I didn’t , I wouldn’t know if it really worked or not.

I have really oily skin so for me, a creamy cleanser doesn’t make my skin feel all that clean. This product did have a bit of a drying effect but I preferred it because I really do hate that oily feeling even after cleansing.

The corrective AM/PM were fantastic – I found my skin really feeling moisturised and hydrated but it was still lightweight at the same time (plus I love the jars they come in 🙂 )

I used the Active Control when I saw the emergence of a pimple (little bugger! ) and usually kept this on overnight. This one should just be applied a little at a time to an affected area. And by the next morning, it was considerably smaller as it dried up.

The Acnevelle capsules were truly the best! I would take one capsule twice a day – however, after a while , it is quite annoying to remember to take these. 😐 But I stuck to my plan and this regimen and kept at it.

Lo and behold , I slowly started seeing a difference. Ladies , please remember : you will not wake up the next morning with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom 😛 When using any skincare product, you shouldn’t expect to see a dramatic result overnight – these products take time to work and patience is the key.

What happened after three months was something I will never forget. I went to work as normal, no make-up on and my colleague (who has super-amazing smooth-looking blemish-free amah-zing skin) complemented me on how ‘great‘ my skin looked and she wanted to know what I was using. Soon after, everyone in the office noticed and I felt so grateful to the creators of these fantastic products. Never before had I felt a sense of happiness with the look of my skin and I was chuffed.

If you’re looking for stockists of these products, check out Lamelle’s website here or contact your nearest beauty salon and enquire if they keep these products.

Some info about the range:

  1. Clarity Active Cleanse is a foaming cleanser which contains salicylic acid to accelerate exfoliation of dead skin cells.
  2. Clarity Corrective AM is a light weight treatment moisturiser which contains specialized peptides to provide anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effects.
  3. Clarity Corrective PM PLUS is the first treatment moisturiser to include Retinaldehyde, a powerful vitamin A as potent as prescription vitamin A, making it a treatment moisturiser without the associated irritation and side effects.
  4. Clarity Active control contains ingredients that are as effective as topical antibiotics in reducing the severity of problematic skin.
  5. Acnevelle is a complimentary medicine oral supplement. Patients taking the supplement reported an 88% improvement in their skin after 8 weeks.  83% of patients were satisfied with their results after as little as 4 weeks.

I never felt more confident and trusted a range as much as I do Lamelle Clarity, I had no side effects except awesome-looking skin and I would recommend these products to those who are still searching for a product that can help them. As always, please be aware that individual results may vary.

This was my experience and  instead of keeping it to myself, I thought I would share it will all of you lovelies. oh and the world (if you’re reading 🙂 )

*Please note prices are only an indication and may differ



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9 thoughts on “Lamelle Clarity – your solution to acne-prone skin

    1. Hi Chanel

      My skin didn’t react in this way and I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing depigmentation. That being said, I cannot guarantee any specific result as every individual’s skin is different and due to varying factors will have varying results.

      I loved using their range and will actually be purchasing it again soon! I hope this helps!


    1. Hi there! I think it depends on the severity of your acne… In my case it was quite bad so I was on acnevelle… You will definitely see results faster if you use the tablets as they work in conjunction with the facial products. Maybe see how your skin looks after about 3 months and then decide whether you need to try the tablets. Hope that helps!


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