Superbalist… made me a stalker!

Superbalist is a South African company who has since 2010, been making both local and international brands available to everyone at a discounted rate. They have a wide variety of products ranging from kitchenware to appliances, menswear to ladies intimates and even geekery and gadgets. Although their discounts are not massive, you do save some bucks if you buy them from here. What also makes them different is that they stock products you can’t easily find elsewhere. Various brands, unique designs and great quality are what sets them apart from the rest.

My obsession with this store started last year when I was searching for a pair of boots that not only met my budget but was perfect for rainy weather, when I finally found it – it didn’t last long. The next day Superbalist had a 75% off sale and to my disappointment, this perfect pair was gone #poof! Since then, I have become well… their committed stalker. I have bookmarked them – need I say more?

They are currently having a big blowout sale and at up to 90% off, their products are totally worth it and with 4+ items with a combined value of R400 or more in your cart, you can be sure your delivery is going to be absolutely mahala! (translation : free free free, zip, nil, nada, nothing – no delivery fee — oh yes!)

This is the first time I have purchased from this online store and I was pleasantly surprised. It was so easy to add the items you liked and with a reserved cart , these items are put on hold for you (no rushing to the checkout with just one item). They have a wide variety of payment options and if you don’t have a credit card, no problem, you can also make an EFT payment. They give you two hours to make your payment before your order is cancelled. Unfortunately, I type faster than I think so I ended up sending my proof of payment to the incorrect email address. Even though I had exceeded the time limit, the fabulous fairies at Superbalist did not cancel my order and I was able to resend 🙂

The next day, I was greeted with my rather large package and I almost did a happy dance when the receptionist came to drop it off at my office. I did not expect my order to reach me that fast! My colleague whose office is right next to mine recently remarked, that I get so many deliveries – she’s so jealous! Okay, maybe my family is right – I am an online shopaholic!

So these were my spoils from the awesome people at Superbalist:

1. Kompakt/Slanted Card Holder by Urban Africa R49 – (Retail R249)

2. Down Tee by St. Goliath R129 – (Retail R599)

3. Jamie Oliver Oven Glove R79 – (Retail R129)

4. Neff Digi Striped Watch R99 – (Retail R499)

5. Oscar Crunch Can By Umbra R79 – (Retail R149)

The only thing I really had an issue with was that even though items were sold out , they were still on the site in the various categories. It took me some time to scroll through all the products and it was a bother because they weren’t available to purchase. My suggestion to the techs at Superbalist – please remove an item once it is regarded as ‘sold out’, it makes it easier for us to navigate and to add items to our cart.

Other than that, what can I say? My experience was .. superb!

Check out these guys here and maybe you too can cash in on their sale, if not – well , keep stalking them like I do and maybe you’ll get lucky!


Queen B

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I'm 20-something and hail from the beautiful city of Durban with much to share. I have an opinion on almost everything and am always willing to share my thoughts to those who will listen (I would think that means you *wink) I am a stickler for great quality and even better customer service and would love to share my experiences with you! My opinions are always honest and I always do give credit where its due so if you want an unbiased opinion, read my blog!

2 thoughts on “Superbalist… made me a stalker!

  1. Hi Queen B. Superbalist has taken your advice and has removed all the ‘sold out’ items from the website! Much easier to shop now 🙂


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