Milan Fashion Week – AW 2014

Milan Fashion Week AW

Milan, one of the most important fashion capitals in the world hosted some of the world’s most talented designers this past week. They showcased designs that were truly inspired and captured one’s imagination.

These are the trends that emerged:

Black Kohl Eyeliner and the Flick

  • I love this one which was on Emilio Pucci’s models – The ever so popular Black Kohl Eyeliner. I know we all probably have a few of these versatile pencils in our make up bags and that is what makes it so wearable. It’s easy to put on and accessible to everyone. It creates a smoky, sultry look and accentuates your eyes in a way that just screams sexy! Love this one.
  • The next on is the Flick for D&G, I think there are so many of us who don’t get this one right. We either smudge it so much that it becomes a horrible mess or we try to flick it out but it becomes a straight line instead. Keep your hand steady and practice, practice, practice. This looks like it is going to be around for a while

False Eyelashes

  • Falsies have taken on a bolder role and frankly, I love it. Some ladies never leave home without their false eyelashes on and for those of us who have been blessed with thick eyelashes, a slick of mascara is all we need. Gucci was responsible for these and it works.

As much as I love these beauty trends, let’s move on to the clothing, Yesssss!

  • D&G’s collection showed that even though it may be Autumn, you can still wear floral , floaty dresses even if you pair it with a fur hood (I would wear faux-fur, never real fur) and don’t be afraid to add some colour to your wardrobe. This gorgeous red dress really is perfect because who wants to let go of summer, anyway?

Floaty Red Dress and Fur

  • We also saw an embellished cape from the house of D&G which was certainly trending at Milan Fashion Week and why wouldn’t it? This cape is eye-catching and once again , teamed with a fur hood.
Embellished Cape
Embellished Cape
  • Bottega Veneta featured different colours in his designs as well as geometric prints which looked rather interesting.
Geometric Prints
Geometric Prints

Botegga Veneta

  • For Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld, we saw the famous and controversial Cara Delevingne carrying a doll that was supposed to be a  replica of Karl himself. Freaky much? His collection featured bright colours together with fur hoods, oversized coats and patchwork. I love this because you can be warm and toasty and still be fashionable.

Cara wearing monochrome

Oversized coat
Oversized coat
Patchwork coat
Patchwork coat
  • Salvatore Ferragamo also had his take on what would look good on the runway – it was animal print, sleeveless coats and turtlenecks. Remember to keep everything else minimal when wearing animal print.

Animal Print

Oversized coats
Oversized coats

These were just some of the trends for fall which is just a few days away. Designers embraced the pointy – toed shoe at this fashion week and if you can’t wear any of the above, at least put on a pointy pump and you’ll be on point!

I hope this helped you in recognising the fashion trends for this fall :)


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